Sour is Good
Beer Flies
The attraction of flies to beer was first
reported in the early 1920s.  The why
however is still being studied and for good
reason since it may help scientists
understand smell and taste in humans.  

The answer seems to be a molecule called
glycerol, which is made by yeast during
fermentation.  Glycerol is the stuff that's
used in antifreeze. It actually tastes sweet,
but it's not a sugar.

Scientists have even found the particular
gene responsible for flies' ability to detect
glycerol. When they created flies missing
that gene, and gave them a sugar water or
beer choice, the flies went for the sugar
water.  Several companies are already
beginning to turn this information into
powerful insect repellents scheduled to be
on the market this summer.
A NY Times tasting panel rated Cascade Kriek (OR) the
No.1 sour beer in the US.  According to the panel this
lambic-style vintage beer is flavored with cherries, but
was not sweetly fruity or cloying. Rather, it was
beautifully tart and richly complex, with just a hint of
fruit flavor for balance with a layered complexity that
distinguishes it from other sour beers.

Unlike the vast majority of beers, which are fermented
with yeasts selected by brewers to produce a set of
desirable characteristics, these brews were fermented
with brettanomyces, a type of yeast whichcontributes to
the profoundly tart, powerfully pungent flavors prized
in styles like Belgian lambics.

The No. 2 rated bottle, the Classic Gueuze from
Cantillon of Belgium, was called by the judges "a brilliant
exemplar of the style". The gueuze is a blend of three
different lambics that have been aged for one, two or
three years in old casks which result in a rare complexity
and a funk that in the style are most sought after.
Dog Beer-  You shouldn't give a dog a sip of your beer, but pooches no
longer have to miss out -- because there's a new brew made specifically for dogs
has gone on sale.
Bowser Beer really is a beer made for dogs but it won't get
them drunk and it's designed with their digestive system in mind.
While the beer contains the same malt barley brewers use, the vitamins are
good for shiny coats, the hops (which are dangerous to dogs) are replaced with
beef or chicken.

Japan Buys Brazil-  Japanese beer and beverage maker Kirin Holdings has
gotten its hands on the 49.54% of shares in Brazil's Schincariol it didn't already
own. The deal brings closure to a long battle with the company's minority
shareholders, who refused to sell after Kirin bought half of Brazil's No. 2 beer

Will Anchor Taste Like Sam? -  Boston Beer Corp. has sued a former
sales employee and his new employer, San Francisco rival Anchor Brewing Co., in
a battle over alleged trade secrets. Within weeks ofAnchor's hiring of Judd
Hausner Boston Beer filed a lawsuit iclaiming that Hausner broke his contract,
which prohibited him from sharing company secrets with a competitor for a year
after leaving Boston Beer.  The case is now in litigation.
Busch Brews Again

For the first time in years, beer lovers in the historic brewing city of
St. Louis will soon be able to lift a cold bottle of lager beer brought to
market by a member of the fabled family of brewing legend Adolphus
Busch.  “There’s a new brewing company in St. Louis,” said company
founder William K. Busch. “And our brands – all-malt Kräftig lager and
Kräftig light – will be available next week in supermarkets, convenience
stores, restaurants and taverns across the St. Louis metropolitan area.”

The new enterprise – the William K Busch Brewing Company – was
established last year by William K. Busch, son of the late August A.
“Gussie” Busch, Jr., and great-grandson of brewing legend Adolphus
Busch. It is an independent company and has no connection in any
way with Anheuser-Busch InBev or any of its affiliates.  Busch said the
idea of starting a new chapter of his family history came to him several
years ago when he realized that for the first time in over a century
that no member of his family was involved in the business of brewing
beer in his home city of St. Louis.

Busch went on to say "we are not a brewpub or ‘craft’ brand brewer.
Regardless of its size, our brewery here will be a powerful first step in
our plans to become a successful brewer of mainstream national
brands in the U.S.”That’s what Kräftig means in German: ‘powerful’.”

Initially, the William K Busch Brewing Company’s brands will be brewed
under the supervision of company brewmaster Marc Gottfried at City
Brewing Co., a traditional brewing facility in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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