Women's Beer
Harry Potter Beer
As portrayed in books and on film, Harry
Potter's favorite beverage is a kid-friendly
drink called butter
beer.  Don't worry
folks, we said it's a kid-friendly drink.

After months of experimentation and field
testing, Liam Cannon Brewery  (CA) has
come up with a formula for this
non-alcohol mythical beverage.

The butter beer base is a thick sauce that
contains caramel, cream and lots of butter.
It can be mixed with coffee or milk and
can be served hot or cold.  As for the
taste, think liquid caramel candy.  

Butter beer is barely mentioned in the
movies, but in the books it is portrayed as
what Harry and his friends drink while
celebrating. Its drinking is a rite of
passage in the wizarding world.

In the real world, a butter beer costs $12
for a four pack of 12 oz. bottles, magic
wand is not included.
Animée. Even its name evokes an aura of femininity –
and that's exactly who Molson Coors hopes will
gravitate toward the beverage. Soon to be released in the
U.K.  Molson Coors is seeking to strike out the gender
imbalance within the beer-drinking crowd, following
their research that showed only 17% of its sales were to
women.  The research further showed that 79% of
women avoid drinking suds due to fears of bloating,
weight concerns, and the fact that they'd rather not
drink something so masculine.

The company notes that Animiee comes in three
different varieties  (at 4% ABV)- clear filtered, crisp
rosé, and zesty lemon. That's hardly a departure from
the fruity malty beverages and wine coolers the
company wants women to put down.  Just a thought,
but maybe the better way to get your average woman to
buy a product is to stop advertising it using bikinis,
boobs, and hapless beer-guzzling bros, rather than create
a different product for girls that tastes like strawberries,
bonbons, rainbows, and unicorns.

Animee is not alone.  Danish brewer Carlsberg recently
launched a wheat malt-and rice-based beer in a sleek
bottle called Copenhagen, especially for the ladies.
USA & Beer-  The top ten beer cities in the US according to Travel magazine:
1. Portland, OR, 2. Denver, CO, 3. Seattle, WA, 4. Providence, RI, 5. Portland,
ME, 6. Savannah, GA, 7. Boston MA, 8. Austin, TX, 9. San Francisco,
10. Nashville, TN    Just remember this list is from a travel, not a beer, magazine.

Mexico & Beer-  Grupo Modelo SAB, the Mexican brewer of Corona beer, is
gaining share in the U.S. import market aided by its "premium"Victoria brand,
which cracked the top 20 of foreign beers in its first year.  Modelo, aided by
exports, has become the world’s seventh- biggest brewer and the largest seller
of U.S. imported beers.

Brazil & Beer -  Brazil is the world's third-largest beer market after China
and the US. Beer sales there ares dominated by the world's largest brewer
Anheuser-Busch InBev with a market share of near 70 percent. Brazil's second-
largest brewer, privately owned Schincariol, has been reported to be up for sale
for around $2 billion, and SABMiller and world No 3 Heineken have been reported
to be interested.
The First Amendment Saves Beer

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission have done the unthinkable
for a government agency - they have reversed their position in which
they banned Flying Dog's Raging Bitch IPA because of its name.  

The Commission said the change to allow the beer to be sold was due
to the outcome of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision  that said the
state of Vermont could not prevent pharmaceutical companies from
harvesting data about doctor's prescribing patterns and habits as a
way to market to them more effectively. This restriction on the rights
of states to regulate "speech" by corporations is beginning to have far-
reaching impacts. Including the sale of Raging Bitch IPA.

Flying Dog is, of course, pleased at the decision. However, they have
vowed not to stop with their lawsuit "until the Commissioners accept
responsibility for the damage they’ve caused by violating the First
Amendment".  Way to go Flying Dog!

A Flyying Dog spokesperson continued: "Though the Michigan Liquor
Control Commission has now approved the sale of Raging Bitch in the
state, we have no interest in dropping the First Amendment lawsuit.
With the support of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and
the law firm of Gura & Possessky, we originally filed suit in U.S. District
Court on March 25 not only to overturn the Commission’s regulation
banning Raging Bitch, but also to deem their ability to ban any beer
label that they find offensive unconstitutional. Additionally, the suit
seeks to recover damages from the loss of sales under the rule."

Raging Bitch is Flying Dog's best-selling beer in the 30+ states
that the brewery distributes in.  No surprise there since it truly is an
outstanding beer.  Buy some and enjoy (while tweaking Liquor Control
Commissions everywhere!)

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