Artists and Beer
Beer for Charity
Odell Brewing (CO) has a Charity of
the Month program which gives all
taster tray proceeds to non-profit
organizations serving environmental,
educational or humanitarian causes.
The Tasting Room donation averages
$1500 each month.  The charities are
chosen by an employee-led  
committee, which oversees the
disbursement of all money.

Their fellow CO brewer, AC Golden
Brewing,  has been setting aside 25
cents from every case of beer sold to
give to charity through its Colorado
Native Reinvestment Project. It just
donating $15,000 of that money to
local based charities.

After Hurricane Katrina, Anita brewery
developed Restoration Pale Ale and
raised nearly $550,000 over two
years through beer and merchandise
sales for local charities.
Bohemia, the premium Mexican beer, is inviting all artists
21 and older to enter Bohemia’s “The Kahlo Challenge”.  
Just submit an original painting inspired by Frida Kahlo’s
life and work for the chance to win a $10,000 cash
prize. In order to qualify, the painting must include
Bohemia imagery (name, logo, bottle or label) Entries
will be judged on creativity and originality; quality of
composition and design; and overall impression.
To enter, participants should send a photo of their
original painting to

Here's another art contest for beer drinkers who have no
idea what to do with the bottle cap once they open a
beer. The Tröegs Brewery (PA) is sponsoring a bottle
cap art contest. Just make art using Tröegs bottle caps.  
It can be flat, it can be 3-dimensional, it can be anything
(as long as you use Tröegs bottle caps). The grand prize
winner will receive a $500 cash prize. Entries will be
accepted until midnight on July 31, 2010.

Submit a picture of your bottle cap art with your name,
address and phone number to Tröegs Brewery.
Submissions can be emailed to
Now That's Cold-  Studies indicate that more than 70 percent of men have
put their beer in the freezer to achieve the desired level of cold. The trick is to
know when to take the beer out. Counting on that, Coors Light bottles and
cans, in addition to mountains turning blue when it's "cold" have added a new
"Super Cold Indicator" bar that will turn blue when the temperature is, well,
super cold.

Texas Says No-  The Texas legislature has rejected a bill that would have
allowed Texas breweries to charge for tours and then allow tourists to take
home up to a 12-pack worth of beer (or "Ale/Malt Liquor," in Texan-speak, for
any beer stronger than 5 percent ABV.)  Score a win for the distributors who
lobbied hard to stop passage of the bill.

Rain Needed -  A drought throughout much of northern Europe this spring
is starting to hurt upcoming harvests.  Hardest hit are beer hops in southern
Germany's Bavaria.  It is predicted that shortages of hops will lead to an increase
of beer prices this summer of 5% to 10%.
BBQ Beer Tips

Recommendation #1- If you're grilling beef, sausages, or ribs pair it
with any American amber ale or even a black IPA like Back in Black
from 21st Amendment.  Look for a beer with rich malty notes that
compliment the char of the meat. Beers with pine and roasted malt
flavors go well with grilled beef since they tend to balance the
juiciness of the fare with a fine hop bitterness.

Recommendation #2 - If you're grilling salmon consider a Belgian
Blonde brewed with Brettanamyces, the wild yeast best known for
fouling up good bottles of wine. These beers are often sour with
earthy citrus and tropical pineapple aromas wound tight around a
serious funkiness. While these beers tends to be polarizing, the fact is
that the acid in this type of Belgium will scrub the palate; the alpha
counterpart to the omega-3 in the fish.

Recommendation #3 -  If you're grilling chicken go big time with an
imperial or double IPA.   Look for beers with huge pine smells and
flavors that are only modestly balanced by malt.  These beers are
perfect with spicier chicken dishes. And for a mild herb rub or light BBQ
sauce give an imperial pale ale a try.

Recommendation #4 -  Be adventurous.  For example a Rauchbier is a
fine choice for barbecued meats.  Don't overlook a quality pilsner,  its
palate cleansing bitterness and carbonation cuts through the meat's
seasoning.  You might event try English brown or mild ales, German
bocks, dark Mexican beers and porters are other styles for chicken
and fish.  Just remember, if you like it you've made the right call.

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