Breweries Go Green
Goodybe Avery
Avery Brewing has started to withdraw
from eight states and seven other
partial-state markets/ Faced with
skyrocketing demand–first quarter
2011 production growth for their
home state of Colorado is 81% and
overall production growth is 75%–the
brewery has been forced to make the
tough decision or lose the ability to
support all markets with a steady
supply of fresh beer.

Beer shipments will be ceased to
Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana,
Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma,
Rhode Island and Tennessee. The
brewery is also leaving several
partial state markets, including:
Northern California (Bay Area and
Sacramento), Eastern Arkansas,
Upstate New York (outside of New
York City), Central Florida (Orlando
area) and Wisconsin.
Employees at FULL SAIL compress their work week
into four 10-hour shifts, reducing power consumption
and water use by 20%! This uber-green brewery has
won multiple awardsfor their energy saving efforts.

SIXPOINT in Brooklyn takes their green efforts to the
roof! Tops of broken kegs are sawed off and used as
planters for their rooftop garden. Kitchen scraps are
composted and spent grain is used to feed local fowl.

DOGFISH recycles 90% of the solid waste produced at
the brewery. Plant-based cups that biodegrade in 80-100
days are used in the tasting room and a local cookie shop
uses spent grain to make dog treats!

YARDS is Pennsylvania's first brewery to use 100%
wind power to operate their facility. Many of the
fixtures, furniture and equiptment in the brewery are
either reclaimed or recylced.

TROEGS has implemented a steam generating system at
their brand new facility that will use 30-50% less natural
gas per barrel produced. In addition, their new keg
cleaning system cuts water use in half!
Colorado #1-  Denver is home to the world's largest single brewery and it
also has the nation's largest brewpub, the highest number of home brewers and
is host to the Great American Beer Festival. Throughout Colorado, there are
more breweries per capita than any other state. On any given day, there are
over 100 beers that are made and sold only in Colorado. The Sheraton Denver
Downtown Hotel's bar,The Yard House, claims the world's largest selection of
draft beer, with over 140 tap handles.

Touchdowns and Beer- West Virginia University athletic director Oliver
Luck wants to allow beer sales at Mountaineer football games. Beer has never
been sold for general consumption at a game.  Beer sales could generate up to
$1.2 million a season.

Groceries and Beer - Whole Foods, the upscale grocer is opening bars
that serve craft beer and local wine in more than a dozen stores nationally in a
test before a wider roll-out.  It is hoped the bars will lure more folks into the
store,andkeep them there longer.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, along with 18 other
Attorneys General, today called on Pabst Brewing Company to stop
selling or alter its new malt drink beverage, Blast by Colt 45, because of
its high alcohol content and marketing tactics.

The drink, known as “binge-in-a-can,” offers the equivalent of five
beers in one serving. The Attorneys General also are concerned that
the product is being marketed and packaged in a way that targets
underage youth.  Earlier this month, Pabst introduced its Blast by Colt
45 as a flavored malt beverage in fruit flavors of grape, strawberry
lemonade, strawberry watermelon, and blueberry pomegranate, with
an alcohol concentration of 12% in 23.5 ounce single serving cans.

As part of its marketing, it has enlisted celebrity hip hop/rap music
artist Snoop Dogg, and Blast is being promoted largely through social
media such as Facebook and Twitter. Pabst is also marketing the
product through launch parties for young adults.

Last fall, after urging by Attorneys General and a review by the Food
and Drug Administration, the popular alcohol energy drink Four Loko
was pulled from the market.  Like Blast, Loko also had a 12% alcohol
concentration in a 23.5 ounce single serving can but it also had a
caffeine additive, which the FDA later banned.

Note to the Attorney Generals - check the size of wine bottles and their
alcoholic content.  They're bigger and strong than Blast as are some
craft beers.  Note to Pabst- maybe you should just call it Imperial
Malt Liquor and add $10 to the price.

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