No Blues For Oskar
Goodybe Dogfish Head
Dogfish Head Brewing (Delaware)has
just announced that it is pulling out of
14 states or nearly half of its
distribution area.  In addtion their
beer will no longer be available in the
U.K. and Canada.
According to Dogfish founder Sam
Calagione they need all the beer they
are  brewing for their base market
and are having difficulty  in satisfying
even  demand.  To do so would, as
Mr. Calagione stated, "change the
company in a way we do not want."

The brewery said the decision "will
allow us to still get many different,
exotic, specialty and seasonal beers
into our slightly smaller footprint. It will
also ensure that more cases and
kegs of our core, year-round beers
will be available closer to home."  
States losing Dogfish include
Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin
and Rhode Island

The trailblazer of the canned craft beer revolution, Oskar
Blues Brewery in Colorado has continued its growth
pattern posting an incredible  60 % increase in shipments
in January 2011 vs. January 2010.  Oskar Blues began
the "Canned Beer Apocalypse" in 2002 when Dale's Pale
Ale became America's first canned craft beer.  

Dale's Pale was named best beer in the US by the
NY Times which futher fueled the brewery's growth.

Throughout 2010 Oskar Blues demand exceeded supply.
To meet this happy problem the brewery's immediate
focus is in furthering its infrastructure. As such they
have just installed a 200 BBL fermenter and a 200 BBL
bright tank in the first of three capacity increases
scheduled for this year. Oskar Blues also has four more
200 BBL fermenters scheduled for arrival in addition to
installing a new keg line and Hi-Cone six-packing
machine.  The company has distribution in 25 states.

In addition to Dale's Pale, Oskar Blues makes Gubna,
Little Yellow Pils, Ten FIDY, G'Knight,and Old Chub.
Pub of the Year-   The Old Cock, in Crossgate (England), has been
presented with the Pub of the Season 2011 Trophy from the Society for the
Preservation of Beers from the Wood.  The pub is a freehouse with eight real ale
hand pumps, it serves about 25 different cask ales a week. Congratulations to
owners Lee Pullan and Linda Exley.

What Was He Thinking?- An Ohio man was arrested after he took a sip
of beer in front of an officer during a traffic stop.  The Elyria (Wa) Police
Department, said they pulled over Stephen Supers for speeding. After saying he
didn't realize how fast he was going, Mr. Supers took a drink from his can of
Budweiser.  Supers then failed a series of sobriety tests.

Sam Gets Heavy - The newest entry in the Boston Beer Co.’s imperial series
is Wee Heavy is a turbocharged version of Samuel Adams Scotch Ale. An
incredibly intense, dark beer, may be Sam Adams’ best “big beer’’ yet.
“Big beers’’ are generally defined as those with at least a 10% ABV level.
Beer Protects!

Forget about taking toxic potassium iodide pills to stave off the effects
of any lingering fallout from the imminent meltdown of Japan's
reactors. Even if you could get the stuff (it's in notoriously short
supply in the US from being bought up everywhere by Americans in a
near-panic), it's only good for a last resort and may do nothing more
than hasten your demise anyway. Get the beer cure!

A report from Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences stated
that they conducted an expirement concerning "beer drinking on
radiation-induced chromosome aberrations in blood lymphocytes.
Human blood that was collected either before or after drinking a 700
ml beer was in vitro irradiated with 200 kVp X rays or 50 keV/μm
carbon ions. The relation between the radiation dose and the
aberration frequencies (fragments and dicentrics) was significantly (p <
0.05) lower for lymphocytes collected 3 h after beer drinking than
those before drinking. Fitting the dose response to a linear quadratic
model showed that the alpha term of carbon ions was significantly (p
< 0.05) decreased by beer drinking…. It is concluded that beer could
contain non-ethanol elements that reduce the chromosome damage
of lymphocytes induced by high-LET radiation.”

We at BeerNexus are not quite sure what all that means but at least
we can say, as Guinness often advertised, that beer is good for you!

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