Beer For Athletes
It's Everywhere
You might not have expected
Russians to be drinking Coors Light
this winter, but that beer was a recent
product rollout for the giant brewer.

Coors is a global presence. They
recently bought a 51 percent stake in
a joint venture involving China's Si'hai
Beer Co. in order to produce Coors
Light under a Chinese name that
translates as "silver bullet."

The Denver-based company, the
result of a merger of Coors Brewing
Co. and Canada's Molson Inc.has
had a joint venture, MillerCoors, with
SAB Miller's U.S. business since 2008
Through famous name brands such
as Molson, Coors, Carling, Keystone
and Blue Moon, Molson Coors holds
about 40 % of the beer market in
Canada, 30 % in the U.S. and nearly
20 % in the U.K. market

In the past you might think you would have to be sitting
in the stands of a sporting event to get a cold brew.
Now a new trend has athletes joining in
on the beer drinking.

A Bavarian brewmeister is touting its no-alcohol beer as
the latest sport drink for athletes, handing it out at the
finish line of sporting events and touting its
regenerative benefits.

Unlike Gatorade, Erdinger Alkoholfrei is served up with
a frothy head. Also unlike conventional sport drinks it
only comes in one color, a golden hue.

Several top athletes from Europe quaffed the beverage
from giant mugs on the podium of the World Cup
biathlons held this month in northern Maine.

The company touts the beverage as an "isotonic,
vitamin-rich, no-additive beverage with natural
regenerative powers that help athletes recover from a
In other words, it's carbohydrate-loaded refreshment
without the alcoholic buzz of beer or the jitters caused
by some energy drinks.
President Enjoys Home Brew -  A a recent private party the First
Family served White House Honey Ale, a beer brewed specially by a staff chef
with one pound of honey harvested this year from the White House bee hive.  
Also on tap were Yuengling (both Lager and Light), Hinterland Pale and Amber
ales, and Luna Stout.

Beer Recall- Wells and Young's brewery has recalled nearly 750,000 beer
bottles  after glass was found in a small number of their products. The bottles
were from 12 brands that are sold in some UK pubs along with stores in the US
and Russia.  The beers included the well known Young's Double Chocolate
Stout, Wells Bombardier, and Courage Best Bitter.

Beer for the Eye - Beer contains powerful anti-oxidants that may reduce
the risk of cataracts and heart disease, The darker the beer is, the better,
concluded scientists at the University of Honolulu.  Dr. John Trevithick  tested a
beer anti-oxidant on a rat's eye lens and showed it prevented formation of a
diabetic cataract. "Beer proved to be better than any natural substance" he said.
The Real Jefferson Beer

Thomas Jefferson is renowned for his many interests, including
architecture, horticulture and inventing gadgets.  Among the third
president's lesser-known pursuits was making beer, and modern-
day visitors to his mountaintop estate at Monticello
can now get a taste of the past.

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation has teamed with Starr Hill Brewery
to offer Monticello Reserve Ale, inspired by what was produced and
consumed regularly at Monticello.  Brewing beer was among the
plantation's important activities, and the drink was one of the "table
liquors" served with meals, Monticello officials said.

Starr Hill's master brewer Mark Thompson is brewing the ale using a
combination of lightly hopped wheat and corn, as Jefferson did in his
day. Local ingredients are used, including hops grown at Monticello.  

Jefferson's beer-making records date back to 1772, when his wife,
Martha, oversaw periodic brewing. The enterprise produced 15-gallon
casks of low-alcohol beer about every two weeks, then expanded its
scale with some outside help.

All we can say is "Ale to the Chief!"

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