Build an Abbey With Beer
Hoosier Hostility to Beer
Indiana remains one of only 14 states
that bars the sale of liquor on Sunday
-- and is one of only three states,
along with Georgia and Connecticut --
that does so despite letting bars,
restaurants and sports venues serve
alcoholic drinks on any day
of the week. And even if you could
buy beer at your grocery store on
Sunday, you couldn't buy it cold.

Indiana is the only state in the nation
to regulate beer temperatures,
limiting cold beer sales to package
liquor stores.

A fight to change the law is due in the
new session of the state legislature.

Fee free to join more than 51,000
Hoosiers have gone to a special
website -- --
to urge these anti-beer laws
be overturned.

In partnership with the monks at the Abbey of New
Clairvauxmonks (CA), Sierra Nevada next year will
release an ale that pays tribute to the renowned Trappist
beers of Europe. The brew also will be a boost to New
Clairvaux, with the company pouring some of the
venture's profits into the monastery reconstruction
project after a fire nearly destroyed their historic abbey
which is entirely build with bricks from the Santa Maria
de Ovila monastery about 90 miles northeast of Madrid..

Sierra Nevada will also train Father Thomas X. Davis,
New Clairvaux's 77-year-old abbot emeritus, as a
"sensory professional" -- a beer taster. The 23 monks at
the rustic abbey north of Chico, Calif., are seasoned
winemakers but, until now all they knew of beer was
how, on occasion, to drink it.

At Sierra Nevada's headquarters in Chico, 20 miles south
of the abbey, executives have been keeping an eye on the
progress. Neither the abbey nor the brewery says how
much money the ale will generate. At about $10 per
champagne-style bottle, that's up to consumers who
have a taste for Belgium or a soft spot for medieval
monastic history."Who knows?" Father Davis said with
a smile. "It depends on how much
Sierra Nevada Banned - Red Buff High School (CA) has banned the
wearing of Sierra Nevada sweat shirts.  According to principal John Gleason " I
realize the shirts are about more than beer, Sierra Nevada is more of community
to many in our area but we have a school rule against any beer related shirt so
these must go too."  Said one student in response, "I don't see how wearing a
sweat shirt will make us all go out and drink beer."

Sam Scores the Bucks- The Boston Beer Company, Inc. expects its 2010
earnings to be a record $3.30 to $3.60 per share.  That translates to an increase
in earnings of approximately 12% which continues the phenominal growth and
success of the company and their Sam Adams brand.

Free Beer for Troops -  Australian soldiers serving in Afghanistan were
given free beer for Christmas after a bitter backlash against plans to charge
them $5 per can. Defence Minister Stephen Smith now says the soldiers in
Afghanistan will be given two beers for free if their local commanders agree to it.
The Real Champagne of Beer

If your tastes run towards beer, and you're looking for something
different for toasting the new year, you might want to get
your hands on a big bottle of Infinium.

If the name sounds like a high-end imported automobile, well,
the brew was cooked up in part by Germany's Weihenstephan
Brewery, the oldest in the world, with America's
Samuel Adams, which brewed and is selling it.

Just hitting certain outlets in 750-milliliter corked bottles priced at
about $20, the 10.3-percent-alcohol brew is described
as a "crisp, new champagne-like beer.  

it's being billed as "the first new beer style created under the
Reinheitsgebot in over a hundred years," Reinheitsgebot being
the German beer purity law that Weihenstephan, dating
back to the year 1040, helps guard.

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