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Potential voters in Rochester, NY now have a strong incentive to
vote - free beer.   Both the Democrat and Republican parties will
be giving out 2 samples of beer to anyone over 21 years old who
registers to vote for the first time.  The program targets younger
voters who have the lowest registration rate in the country.

Monroe County (NY) Democratic chair person Molly Clifford
said, "We are not at all promoting alcohol.  We are promoting
voting, and promoting political participation.  Andy Moore, her
Republican counterpart added, " And of course if someone
doesn't want to try the tasting they are still welcome to register."

Special sign up booths will be placed at local minor league
baseball games and at community festivals.
Craft Beer Sales Rise
Despite a drop in overall beer consumption in the US during the last 12
months imports increased by 1.9% while craft beer sales rose by 3.4%  
according to the Association of Brewers. The craft beer industry grew
at a greater rate than imports for the first time since 1996 indicating a
shift in choices being made by the American consumer.

Growth was fueled by regional specialty brewers who produce 15,000
to 2 million barrels.  Their production gains offset losses by contract
brewers, microbreweries, and brewpubs.

The Association of Brewers reports that  the US currently has 1,426
craft breweries, 986 brewpubs, 385 microbreweries, and 55 regional
specialty breweries currently operating.
Non-alcoholic Buckler beer packs wallop.   Buckler Beer is supposed
to have less than 0.5% alcohol by volume but that was not the case for  more
than 1 million bottles that have been recalled in Japan for far exceeding that limit.  
During the production process, insufficient heating reportedly led to beers
frementing in bottles, boosting the alcohol content.  Most of the bottles were
produced by Heineken Japan and Kirin Brewery.

Only in Russia.  Beer in Russia is sold next to milk and orange juice since, by
law, it is not considered a full fledged alcoholic beverage.  Beer was intentionally left
off the list of alcoholic beverages to help the fledgling Russian brewing industry and
to stress that vodka was the source of the country's alcohol problems.  Moscow
officials are now considering making a law restricting beer sales to those over 18
years of age.

Miller sues Anheuser-Bush over ad.    Miller alleges that A-B has gone
beyond traditional advertising by placing stickers on Miller Lite products that contain
phrades "Queen of Carbs" and "Owned by South African Breweries."
The suit also points to a print ad that appeared in USA Today which shows a bottle
of Bud with the script "the king of beers, American brewed since 1876" that also
has in the background a bottle of Miller Lite under the heading "Queen of carbs,
South African owned."  

For the record Miller Lite has about half the carbs of Bud Light.