Witches Protest Beer
Taps at Your Table
Popular in Europe, the Draft Master
has just hit the USA.  It's a mobile
table, fitted with beer taps designed
to let bar patrons draw their own
brews. It is now in use in pubs
throughout  WA, PA, CT, MA, Ohio,
and of course, Las Vegas.

Diageo, the world's largest beer, wine
and spirits company, has put its
marketing muscle behind it. Diageo,
based in London, has bought 900 of
the tables, which typically feature
Diageo's Guinness beer, for use in
more than 250 pubs across Ireland.

The typical bar sets the table up as
private booths that hold up to 10
patrons at a time. The taps are in the
center of the table. The device uses
a computer to track how much beer is
poured. Each tables costs around
$5,000 to install.

Witch’s Wit, is a limited-edition pale ale by Lost
Abbey (CA) Calif. with a painting of a witch being
burned at the stake featured on the label.  Vicki
Noble, a leader in the pagan and Wiccan
communities took immediate offense and began an
organized protest campaign against Lost Abbey.

“We have been accused of inspiring violence
against women, and we have been compared to
the violence in Darfur,” said Sage Osterfeld, a
spokesman for Port Brewing. “It has run the gamut
from people saying politely, ‘This is offensive to
pagans,’ to people saying we are responsible for
all that is wrong in the world.” Mr. Osterfeld added
that Witch’s Wit is in a line of Catholic-themed
beers, like Inferno Ale and Judgment Day,
conceived in t"he spirit of gentle satire."

The protest has proven somewhat effective.  
Vincent Marsaglia , founder of the brewery, issued
a statement that said the company's board would
meet after Halloween to decide if
they will change the label
Free Beer - Oregon's Rogue Ales has adopted two city blocks in Portland's
Pearl District, where the brewery operates a public house. Rogue invites
volunteers who showup at 1 p.m. each Tuesday to help clean up graffiti and
garbage to stickaround for a free beer tasting and distillery tour after work is

Lost at Oktoberfest- It's easy to lose a few things at Oktoberfest in Munich
This year's list - 1,450 items of clothing, 770 identity cards, 420 wallets, 366
keys, 330 bags and 320 pairs of glasses, 90 cameras and 90 items of jewellery
and watches.  A total of 37 children were also lost. (all safely returned).

Top Ten Beers in World -  Chinese Snow beer holds the top spot as the
world's leading beer followed by Bud Light and Budweiser.  Fourth place goes to
Skol, then Corona, Tsingtao,  Brahma, Heineken, Beijing Beer and Coors Light  
Beer Bikes Banned

A German court has issued a clampdown on so-called "beer bikes."
Made in the Netherlands, they are a particular hit in Germany, where
they are offered to tourists in 34 different cities.  This follows a recent
crack down in certain parts of Amsterdam where street alcohol is
absolutely forbidden, and several other Dutch cities.

Beer bikes, also known as "pedal pubs" or "mobile conference tables,"
allow up to 16 drinkers to sit around a beer-barrel table, help
themselves to beer on tap (most hold up to 30 liters of beer) , and
listen to music while pedaling around the city. They are steered by a
non-drinker employed by the operator. They're becoming the rage in
many cities around the world including several in the USA.

The ruling by the court in Düsseldorf holds operators need to
apply for special permission to use the bikes.

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