Abstinent Mormon farmers
grow barley for beer-
While the vast majority of U.S. craft
brewers package their product in
brown bottles, the number using
aluminum cans has grown between
dramatically in the past year. Texas
Shiner Beers  for example, has
doubled sales of its Bock and Blonde
in cans over the past six months.
Cumulatively, sales of all craft beer in
12-ounce cans were up 80 percent in
the first half of 2010.That compares
with 11.2 percent growth in six-pack
bottles.  The main incentive for
smaller breweries is that canning lines
don't cost as much as bottling lines.

The technology of cans has improved
from years ago. Can linings are now
coated so the beer does not come in
contact with the aluminum. Any metal
taste is likely imagined.  However
special beers will not improve with
age in a can as they do in bottles
which is a significant limitation.

Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith in 1833, said "Strong
spirits are not for the belly, but for the washing of your bodies,"
and members have practiced abstinence since
but gladly grows barely for beer.  

Mormon farmers raise barley for Budweiser and Negra Modelo
beers, and last year, Mormons in the Idaho Legislature helped
kill a plan to raise beer and wine taxes to fund drug treatment,
fearing it could hurt farmers.  Idaho growers sold three-fourths
of their nearly 50 million bushels produced last year for beer
production. Anheuser-Busch's barley malting plant outside
Idaho Falls juts into the sky, and Grupo Modelo, Mexico's
largest brewer, completed an $84 million malting facility in
Idaho Falls in 2005. Coors has bought barley from Idaho's
Mormon growers for going on four decades. With cool nights
and a short growing season on land a mile above sea level,
the area is suited for growing, hardy barley.

Idaho is the No. 2 barley growing state behind North Dakota,
and three-fourths of the nearly 50 million bushels produced by
its farmers last year went to malters — and beer.
Beer Tent - So many Oktoberfest beer tents, so little time - at Oktoberfest,
you can choose between 34 different beer tents.  Dating back to 1867,
Schottenhammel is the oldest tent at Oktoberfest.  Munich's Mayor kicks off the
festival by tapping the first keg of beer there. It is the largest Oktoberfest tent
with 10.000 seats. Beer Served: Spaten Franziskaner

Beer Sales- The Global beer market is projected to grow 1.4% in 2010
despite the fact that European beer companies experienced a production drop
of 5.1 per cent so far. Total Europe region decline is expected to be around
-2%.  Asia, China has seen lower than expected growth while in contrast Brazil
Africa/Middle East have grown nearly +4%.

Make Mine Rhinegold -  Remember the Miss Rhinegold contest?  How
about their iconic ads with pitchmen movie stars?  Well the beer is back and so is
the nostalgia.  Check out some of the hidden treasures in their
new website  
including a tough Rhinegold trivia quiz and pictures of every Miss Rhinegold.

World's Oldest Beer

Swedish and Finnish divers have discovered what is believed to be the
world's oldest beer in a shipwreck in the Aland Sea, east of Stockholm,
The beer was found while the divers were in the  process of salvaging
the world's oldest champagne from a 200 year old shipwreck in the
Baltic sea near the island of Aland.

"This is much likely the world's oldest beer. We can now say that we
have both the world's oldest champagne and the world's oldest beer
bottles in our possession," writes Rainer Juslin, departmental head at
Aland's provincial government.  He added that the temperature and
the darkness at the bottom of the sea have optimised the storage,
and the pressure in the bottles have rescued them from letting in any
salt water through the corks.  The market value of the champagne
bottles have been assessed to SEK hundreds of thousands per bottle.
Around 70 bottles of champagne have been salvaged,

The economic value of the beer bottles is still unclear.

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