Beer Pong Champs
Electrifying Beer

Deputies said that thieves were able
to bypass a 7,000-volt electric fence
and swipe 20 cases of beer from a
Spartanburg (NC) plant.

The theft happened at the Budweiser
Beer Company According to the
official police report, the thieves
bypassed the business' electric
fence, opened an unlocked beer
truck and then used two hand trucks
to steal 20 cases of Heineken beer.

The thieves rolled the hand trucks
outside the fence and loaded them
into a waiting vehicle. Fresh tire
tracks, several open bottles of
Heineken beer and the two hand
trucks were found outside the fence.

The thieves took nothing else but the
beer.  The police were checking all
large parties being held in the area
and the usual beer psycho suspects.
The 2010 World Beer Pong Tour Championship just completed
their final round in Atlantic City (NJ) and the Sacramento duo
of Michael Seivert and Byron Findley, won as they beat out
352 other teams to win the $25,000 first prize.

Beer pong, sometimes called beirut, is an American frat party
staple. Two teams square off at opposite sides of a table that
has two sets of plastic cups set up in triangle formations and
filled with beer. Teams take turns trying to throw ping-pong
balls into the cups at the opposite end of the table; when a
pingpong ball lands in a cup, the other team must drink the
beer inside and remove the cup.

Seivert and Findley, both 26, said they make 70 percent of
shots on average. "Even though it started as a drinking game,
it's evolved into something similar to competitive darts or
billiards," said Seivert. And the game is making them money.
"I started the tournament for beer pong to be recognized as a
sport," said Sam Pines, commissioner of the World Beer Pong
tour. "Just like basketball, it involves hand-eye coordination,
depth perception, aiming the ball and throwing it in a cup."

Seivert, a waiter by day, is a part owner of All-American Beer
Pong, a company that runs tournaments in California. Findley's
sole source of income is beer pong-related activities.
Beer Vitamin Pill - One litre of beer supplies the body with the following
percentage of its daily requirement:  B6 17% , Niacin 13% , B2 (riboflavin) 17%
, Biotin 17% ,Panthothenic acid 8%, and Folate 10-45%

Home Brewers Ousted - The Oregon Liquor Control Commission recently
reinterpreted state law and forced the Oregon State Fair had to cancel its beer
and wine home brew competitions.  The beer competition had been a fixture at
the fair for 22 years, the wine contest for 31 years.

Bye-Bye LeBron -  A Cleveland brewery is releasing a beer called "Quitness"
to show what they think of LeBron James' decision to leave the Cavaliers for the
Miami Heat. "Quitness" is a dry hopped India pale ale that leaves a bitter
aftertaste in its drinkers mouths -- a sensation that many Cavs fans feel.  Great
Lakes Brewing Co. says 30 gallons of "Quitness" sold out in three hours

No Smoking Oktoberfest - Smokers heading to Germany's famous
annual beer festival, Oktoberfest, will be forced to light up outside after voters
supported a total smoking ban in Bavaria for restaurants, bars, cafes and beer
tents. A full 61% of those voting favoured a complete ban on smoking,
according to Bavarian election officials.The ban overturning an existing law will
take effect on August 1.
Beer Flood

The Okanagan Springs brewery in Vernon, B.C., is cleaning up after its
latest batch of cream beer became a cream bomb, blowing apart the
fermenting vat. The Thursday afternoon blast was powerful enough to
tear an aluminum loading door off its hinges, sending 32,000 litres of
fermented foam flooding across a downtown
street in the North Okanagan city.

Fortunately, no-one was seriously injured by the blast
or in the rush of pedestrians to get free beer.

A build-up of carbon dioxide is blamed for the blast.

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