Beer, Bulls, and Bears
Bars Galore
Ever wonder what states have the
highest per capita amount of bars?   
The Pub & Tavern Owners
Association of America's top ten are:
(Bars per 10,000 Population)
1. North Dakota 6.54
2. Montana 6.34
3 .Wisconsin 5.88
4 .South Dakota 4.73
5. Iowa 3.73
6 Nebraska 3.68
7. Wyoming 3.4

Make a Beer Movie
New Belgium Brewing is seeking short
digital, film and video submissions for
the first season of its Faith Beer &
Film Tour. Chosen entries will screen
in fourteen cities throughout the
summer and fall of 2010. The top
three winning filmmakers will travel to
New Belgium Brewing, CO for a
private screening and beer dinner

For submission guidelines visit
What's the value of a pint of beer? Let the market decide, says
a new restaurant in Manhattan where prices for food and
beverages will fluctuate like stock prices in increments
according to demand. The Exchange Bar & Grill, is replete with
a ticker tape flashing beer prices in red lettering as demand
forces them to fluctuate. Customers can move prices for all
beverages and bar snacks.  A bull market will send prices
higher, a bear market will cause a drop. The prices will
fluctuate in $.25 cent increments; most plateau at a $2 change
in either direction.

A glass of Guinness last week started at $6 but  pushed to a
high of $8 and a low of $4, depending on popularity. If one
drink is in heavy demand, its price will rise, causing the cost of
other equivalent drinks to drop. A rush on a particular beer
would increase its price, and cause other beers to drop.

The  long bar faces the ticker tape machine and nearly a
dozen flat screen televisions, each of which shows the change
in prices.  Updates are computed every 15 minutes.

Owners Levent Cakar and Damon Bae admit the stock
exchange theme is a gimmick but hope it will keep them in
business.  New York has about 23,000 bars/restaurants, with
about 4,400 opening each year with nearly the same failing.
Beer Ban Lifted -  Pimlico Race Course in Maryland, home of the Preakness
Stakes is offering infield patrons an all you can drink option for $20. The infield at
Pimlico  had become well-known for its rowdiness. Mass drunkenness was
commonplace as people were allowed to bring in as much of their own alcohol as
they could physically carry.  Pimlico changed its policy in 2009 and prohibited
anyone from bringing in their own alcohol which in turn caused attendance to
drop by more than 30% from the year before.

Up and Down— National sales of craft beer grew 10.3 % in the last 6
months despite the fact that overall beer sales in the United States fell by 2.2
percent. Imported beers in particular felt the sting of the economic downturn, as
sales of foreign-produced beer fell by 9.8 percent throughout the country.

Pre-Prohibition Beer - Brewing giant MillerCoors LLC is test-marketing a
new beer called Batch 19, which is based on a pre-Prohibition recipe, as part of
several initiatives aimed at rejuvenating sales in the sluggish U.S. market.
MillerCoors is selling the new brew next month in draft in bars and restaurants in
Chicago, Milwaukee, San Francisco and Washington. Batch 19—named for the
year, 1919, before Prohibition began—is designed to attract consumers looking
for "a true, authentic, original beer."
Obama Pays Beer Debt

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
had wagered a case of beer on the outcome of the men's gold medal
Olympic hockey game, which Canada won on Sidney Crosby's
overtime goal.   Now Obama has made good on his bet. The President
sent PM Harper some Molson Canadian, the PM's favorite.

Obama even included a case of Yuengling, the beer he would have
desired had the U.S. claimed the gold. Ambassador David Jacobson
delivered the prize to a very pleased Harper.  "David, you guys always
fulfill your promises to us, and we appreciate it," Harper said.

But Harper's pleasure will not be augmented by his beer of choice since
he will never get to actually drink it.  Harper's spokesman Dimitri
Soudas said the two cases of beer will be donated to the
Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.r

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US Ambadassor  Jacobson delivers beer
to Canadian Prime Minister Harper.