Say NO to Teen Drinking
Beer for the Boys
RAF chiefs are appealing for
donations so British troops returning
from Afghanistan can enjoy a cold
one on their flight home.

The campaign dubbed "Beer for the
boys" was launched two years ago to
provide a can of lager or bitter for
servicemen and women flying back to
the UK at the end of their six-month
tours. Now the RAF is asking for more
donations.Generous breweries have
already donated thousands of cans,
but  much more is now needed.

British military bases in southern
Afghanistan are alcohol-free zones so
the beers are particularly welcome.
Dutch brewery Grolsch has supported
the new drive by donating 10,000
cans, Anyone who wants to contribute
to the "Beer for the boys" fund can
send a cheque, made payable to "SIF
Funds, RAF Brize Norton". Write
"Beer for the boys"  on the back of
the envelop and mail to Wing Cdr
Chadwick at 216 Squadron, RAF
Brize Norton, Oxfordshire OX18 3LX.
The Beer Institute (BI) an i ts members have announced their
full support of the U.S. federal government's  "We Don't Serve
Teens" program, which provides parents and adults with the
resources needed to reduce teen drinking.  

"We Don't Serve Teens" was established by the Federal
Trade Commission (FTC) in 2006.  The FTC and a coalition of
public and private organizations will bedistributing campaign
materials in stores where alcohol is sold, offering public
service announcements for TV and radio an d updating the
campaign website, All materials
are available in English and Spanish.  

Beer Institute members also donated ad space in national
print publications and on more than 600 billboards across the
country in support of the campaign. Brewers, beer importers
and distributors have spent more than three quarters
of a billion dollars since 1982 to support public safety,
education andprevention campaigns to promote responsibility
and curb alcohol abuse. They have also independently
distributed millions of guidebooks, videos, and other
educational materials aimed at creating a dialogue between
parents and theirchildren on underage drinking, as well as
tools and resources to helpretailers check and validate IDs
and prevent sales to minors.  

The Beer Institute says this years will be the most extensive
campaign they have ever conducted.
Beer Belly Myth-  Despite the common ”beer belly” moniker, excess belly flab
is not always caused by swigging too many pints of liquid bread. Beer, at around 140
calories per 12-ounce bottle, is similar to soft drinks in calories.  Fat in any part of the
body has more to do with how many overall calories you consume versus how many
you’re burning through regular exercise. Your body can’t tell the difference between
beer-related calories and extra calories from any other food. So please don't blame
beer alone for those extra inches around the waist.
Beer Brings Beauty-  Beer’s plentiful B vitamins and brewer’s yeast are salves
for the skin due to their nourishing, cleansing and drying properties. Cleopatra was
known to have soaked in a beer bath; today, at a variety of spas in the majority of EU
countries, local lager is poured into tubs for guests to enjoy the rich and relaxing suds
and incorporated into "brewski" facials that leave the skin smooth and supple.

It's in the Dictionary-   Around the world 'beer o'clock' has been a light-
hearted description of the late afternoon or early evening.  Now the phrase has has
been an official part of the lexicon as it will be included in the British-based Collins
Dictionary. It's one of around 270 new words to be included in 2009-10 edition
Will the Real BL Lime Stand Up?

Anheuser-Busch Cos. and Labatt Brewing Co. sued Brick Brewing Co.,
claiming the Canadian brewery is infringing their trademarks with the
use of limes and the color green on its labels.

Anheuser and Labatt asked a Canadian federal judge to stop
Waterloo, Ontario-based Brick from using the images in advertising for
Red Baron Lime beer. Anheuser and Labatt are also seeking
unspecified monetary damages and C$500,000 ($454,000) in punitive
damages, according to the statement of claim.

“We’re in a fight for our lives against a foreign-owned beer giant,”
George Croft, Brick’s chief executive officer, said in a phone interview
recently. “It is a standard tactic used by large breweries worldwide to
eradicate all competition.”

Brick beers cost almost 25 percent less in Ontario than Anheuser’s Bud
Light Lime, Croft said. The price difference is likely the “crux of the
matter,” he added.  Bud Light Lime label shows BL, with a slice of lime
underneath the letters. Red Baron Lime is spelled out in a different
font, with an image of a slice of lime below.

Both beers are sold in clear bottles and the labels have a green and
silver color scheme.  Take a look at the bottles and let us know what
you think.  Of course, the real question is why would anyone want to
make a beer that looks and tastes like Bud  with Lime in the first place.

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