Molson says No More Beer
Clydesdales Get Political
The Budweiser Clydesdales visited
Lansing, Michigan to raise awareness of
the state's beer industry, which created
more than 60,000 jobs in 2008, and to
discourage a beer tax increase.

"Our industry is one of the only industries
in Michigan that's still doing well," said
Michael Lasher, vice president of M&M
Beer Distributors, Inc. He said any tax
increase would have a dramatic effect on
sales and on the industry. The Michigan
beer sector pumps more than $5 billion
into the state economy every year and
generates more than $340 million in sales
tax. Passers-by snapped photos of the
horses named Bud, Fire, Jake, Curly,
Mic, Bob, Elite and Sammy. Two other
horses tagged along as backup.

All the horses' dark manes were trimmed
and tightly braided, decorated with red
and white ribbon and florets. Tails were  
tied with red and white bows.
Nearly 2,500 retirees from Canada's Molson brewery are
angry with the company's decision to phase out their free
monthly beer allotments.
Claiming they want to "standardize  perks across the country
to current and past employees", Molson said that current
workers' allotment of free beer will fall from 72 dozen bottles or
cans a year to 52 dozen. Retirees' free beer will fall from six
dozen bottles a month to one dozen and will be phased out in
five years. In Vancouver and Montreal, unions have filed
grievances against the company, which said the free beer  
costs about $1 million per year.

Retirees were universally outraged.  Union leader Tim Scott
said that "Molson is trying to take advantage of us, as a way to
cut retirees' benefits and using the bad economy to justify it."  
Scott added that "this is a benefit that was negotiated at the
time peope were retiring and it was taken away without any
warning or without giving the pensioners something back of
equal value."

In April, parent company Molson Coors announced its net
profit more than doubled in the first quarter compared to last
year, to $75.7 million, the newspaper said.
Atlantic City Switch-  Financial straits have led Resorts Atlantic City to,
allegedly, swap cheaper beer for expensive beer, causing drinks buyers to receive
unwanted alcohol and in theory, gamble more.  Over the past year, Resorts Atlantic City
has served improperly labeled beer. The first instance occurred in August, where a Coors
Light tap was pouring out Coors Original. In March, a Miller Genuine Draft, nicknamed the
"Champagne of Beers", was linked to a keg containing Miller Lite. Miller Lite is purchased

Record Drinking- A beer lover from Oberhausen, Germany, has topped his own
world record by gulping down 50 litres of beer in 4 minutes 55 seconds.
Philipp Traber, 35, thus improved by 17 seconds his previous record: in 2001, he had
emptied 250 glasses of beer in 5 minutes 12 seconds, which was registered in the
Guinness World Records. Traberr said he owed his success to his brother who had served
the necessary 250 glasses of beer. The price of the beer was one euro per glass. The
money will be donated to a charity organization

Genesee Beer Returns-    North American Breweries is investing $10 million
into Rochester’s Genesee Beer brand, hoping to bring the brewery back to “its glory
The renewed effort will include merging the sales and marketing teams from Labatt USA
and Genesee, once a recognized beer in Western New York. The company said it has
begun $6 million in upgrades and will invest another $4 million in 2010.
Miller Donates Beer

MillerCoors is donating 10,000 cases of beer that will be shipped to U.S.
troops in the Middle East in time for the Fourth of July holiday.

The donation is being made as part of program launched by Pizzas 4
Patriots, a nonprofit organization created to support service men and
women that is in its second year of delivering food and beverages to
the troops overseas.

The organization will send more than 25,000 pizzaswith the cases of
Coors Light and Miller Lite to the Middle East through the donations of
products and services by corporate sponsors MillerCoors, Pizzeria Uno
and DHL.  They say it will be the world's largest pizza party.

The beer and pizza will be loaded onto a DHL jet at New York's John F.
Kennedy International Airport for air transport to the Middle East.

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