Beer Unwelcome Here
1900% Beer Tax Hike
A long standing Bud Light beer billboard north of the city of
Carlsbad, NM that read "Bud Light: Our kind of town" has
been covered up.  The action came in response to strong
pressure from the Eddy County DWI program and the Keep
Carlsbad Beautiful Committee. The two organizations said the
advertisement was sending the wrong message to visitors
entering town from the north on U.S Highway 285.  "We don't
disagree that beer companies have the right to advertise,"
said a Committee spokesperson. "In this case, our objection
was the placement of the billboard and the message it gave.  
It's just not the kind of image we want to project about our
town."  Wonder what message the town's neo-prohibitionists
are sending to visitors who see a sheet draped over the
town's main billboard instead of a friendly hello?

Independent craft breweries increased their beer sales last
year even as their costs shot higher and big multinational
brewers joined forces.  Despite predictions of doom sales by
craft brewers rose 5.8 percent by volume, from 8.12 million
barrels to 8.6 million last year. Dollar sales jumped 10.5 %,
from $5.74 billion to $6.34 billion.  Small independents
represent 4 % of beer produced in the U.S. and
6.3 %of retail sales.  
Oregon state lawmakers want to
impose a hefty tax on beer and have
introduced a bill that brewers say
would cripple them.

The new bill would impose a $49.61
tax on each barrel of beer produced
by Oregon brewers. The bill's
language defends the tax by arguing
alcoholism and "untreated substance
abuse" costs the state $4.15 billion in
lost earnings as well as more than $8
million for health care and nearly $1
billion in law enforcement-related
expenditures.   Currently Oregon
ranks 49th among states in its malt
beverage taxation rate.

Brewers say Oregon's low beverage
taxation rate is what makes the state
such an attractive place for crafting
beers. The state's brewery guild
claims it would also amount to the
single largest beer tax hike in the
nation's history.
History Wins-   A Utah man determined to restore a historic beer billboard on his
building has prevailed after a 10-year legal struggle with the city of Ogden, Utah.  The
prohibitionist leaning members of county historical landmarks commission now must allow
Bruce Edwards to restore a 1910 billboard painted onto the side of his vacant two-story
brick structure. The sign reads, "Every hour upon the hour for about an hour Drink
Becker's Beer -- Ogden's Famous Beer."

Sorry Kansas- Kansans still can't buy a full-strength beer at the grocery store.  
Current law limits them to selling "near beer" that's no more than 3.2 percent alcohol.  
Some say the reason for this is that the state's liquor store lobby successfully fights off all
attempts to change the law, an act they argue would create thousands of new
competitors for liquor stores overnight.

Beer -an energy drink    Sierra Nevada plans to make its own fuel from
discarded beer yeast using the new Efuel 100 MicroFueler device. This first-ever brewery
based ethanol system will be housed at the Sierra Nevada plant in Chico, California
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No Hop Obama

It appears that the government is beginning to crack down on
products named after President Obama.   Sixpoint Craft Ales Brewery
(Brooklyn, NY) was forced to shut down their "Hop Obama" line by
the federal government.  Owner Shane Welch said that a government
representative revoked his license to brew the beer and is monitoring
his production and inventory.  Welch went on to say that the
Department of Homeland Security even got involved. "We recently
received an official cease and desist letter from them claiming we must
take immediate acts to shut down and exterminate our production,
dissemination, and distribution of this brand or the government will
enact punitive fines and/or seize control of our brewery."

Sixpoint produced just 504 kegs of the Hop Obama, which never
made the obvious transition to "Yes We Can" six-packs. Most of the
beer was gulped down on Election Night. A few kegs were squirreled
away for Inauguration Day parties.  A slice of the profits went to
get-out-the-vote efforts.   Sixpoint owners said they long planned to
discontinue production after the election.  

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