Torpedo Hits Sierra Nevada
Don't Blink Miller Ad
After nearly 30 years Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has
announced the release of Torpedo Extra IPA their first  year-
round IPA. This is the first full-production change in its  lineup
in over a decade. Why did it take so long to introduce this
brew? The brewery says it spent years searching for a way to
highlight bold flavors without resorting to hop extracts or
pellets. Sierra Nevada believes that whole cone hops makes a
better, more natural tasting beer and offers subtle flavors and
complexities that are unavailable in processed form. Rather
than sacrifice flavor, they invented a way to do use whole-
cone hops all the way through the brewing process by use of
a device called the “hop torpedo” that was conceived,
designed and developed at the brewery. The result is a
revolutionary method of dry-hopping that harnesses the vital
hop oils and resins that lead to full flavor and aromatic beer.
My only question is will it be half as good as their Celebration?

David Beckham, one of the world's most famous athletes,
needed a helping hand when he was selected for a post-
match doping test after AC Milan's recent contest against
Roma. Instead of water or a vitamin drink Beckman picked
beer when he was required to provide a urine sample after
playing for 89 minutes. No word on what brand of beer
Beckham used to help him meet the legal requirement..
Call it subliminal advertising that's not
really meant to subliminal -- just cheap.
Miller High Life and its lovable oaf of a
spokesperson/beer-carrier Windell
Middlebrooks will advertise in
one-second bursts during
the Super Bowl.

A normal 30-second spot costs $3
million during the Super Bowl, making
the one-second ads a still an
outrageous $100,000.

The ads will only be played in 25
markets due to an agreement with
Anheuser-Busch that makes it the
only brewer able to advertise
nationally. If you blink and miss the
commercials during the game, they'll
be available at Miller's  Web site,
which has put up several of the ads
that didn't make the cut -- including
Middlebrooks saying "one
Mississippi" and another where he
sings a one-second clip of the
National Anthem.
Beer Scientist-   Dr. Monique Haakensen is saving beer. She has discovered three
new methods of detecting beer-spoiling bacteria, including  DNA-based techniques, that
has big breweries around the globe hoisting pints in celebration. Breweries usually have
to keep batches of beer for two to three months to make sure they haven’t spoiled
before cases are shipped out. With Haakensen's new DNA methods, it's only a matter of
one to two days if see if that beer will go bad.

Healthy Beer- Beer has anti-inflammatory effect when consumed in moderation, a
recent study showed. The experts at the Innsbruck Medical University proved that beer
blocks negative chemical processes and promotes the production of a protein stimulating
the immune system. Additionally, beer acts as a natural tranquilizer, activates the
cerebration and promotes the production of the positive hormones.

Beer A Day Keeps The Doctor Away-    In the Brussels district of
Ganshoren a birthday party was thrown recently for the oldest Belgian. Romanie Pollet
who turned 110 this year. She is  in good health, which she attributes partly to the glass
of beer she drinks every day.
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Coffee, Tea, or Bud ?

Spirit Airlines flight attendants are fuming over the latest
addition to their work wardrobe: inflight aprons sporting a
Bud Light beer logo.  "Turning flight attendants into walking
billboards is unacceptable," Deborah Crowley, Association of
Flight Attendants-CWA Spirit president, said.

The group says the apron ads are not only "demeaning" but
raise safety concerns, as flight attendants are obligated to
enforce federal regulations regarding intoxicated passengers.

The Miramar-based airline says the new aprons are the latest
revenue-generating tactic in its onboard advertising initiative,
called Mile High Media.  has introduced Hertz ads on ticket
jackets and cups, ads on napkins for the cities of San Antonio,
Texas, and Columbia, S.C., and ads on boarding passes for
Puerto Rico. "We're not pulling the current ads from the
aprons," Spokeswoman Misty Pinson said Wednesday. The
Bud Light apron ad runs until April, and will be followed by an
ad for Atlantic City.

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