Great Beer - "Affordable Luxury"
Super Bowl Beer, Baghdad Style
In a rare event, U.S. troops watching
the Super Bowl next year, will be
allowed to drink beer (two per
viewer). This is significant change in
military policy since the U.S. Army
has banned the use of alcohol in
combat zones since the early 1990s.

In reality, alcohol has not been
completely eliminated in the combat
zones as local stills and human
nature have led to substantial
quantities of booze being consumed

For over a century, the military has
tried to convince the troops to not
drink. The U.S. Navy, in 1914 (six
years before Prohibition), outlawed
alcohol aboard ships. This policy
continues in force to today. Needless
to say,  once the sailors hit land, they
are allowed to enjoy any beverage
they choose. It was the navy
experience with shipboard prohibition
that led many claim led army
generals to believe an alcohol ban
could work in combat zones.
Why does some beer cost so much? As $15 -$20 beers
become commonplace on store shelves many drinkers are
suffering sticker shock since, it's just beer.

"A lot of it is ingredient driven," said Grant Wood, master
brewer with SamAdams. "Our Chocolate Bock has roasted
cocoa nibs, plus we use a smallamount of Mexican vanilla.
And there's a full five weeks of aging. Our Imperial Pilsner
has 12 times as much hops as Boston Lager.

Sandy Feld, noted beer critic put the high cost of some
beers in perspective - "Most of us can't go into a good wine
store and buythe most expensive bottle of wine on the
shelves, which could cost hundreds of dollars. We can,
however, buy the best and most expensive bottle of beer.
"People want something different," Feld said, "and this is
affordable luxury."

In a study, researchers at Canada's Lakehead University
found that women who drink even a small amount lose their
ability to rate attractiveness in male faces, even after the
effects of the drink wear off.  Even women who drank less
than five measures of alcohol a month, scored worse than
those who did not drink at all and the more they had to
drink, the lower they scored.
Beam Me a Beer, Scotty-   Space beer, the result of a five-month mission to
boldly grow, where almost no one has grown barley before, has landed in Japan. The
beverage, brewed from barley cultivated in the International Space Station in 2006, has
splashed down courtesy of the Russian Academy of Science, a Japanese university and
beer giant Sapporo. But the 100 liters of the 5.5 percent alcoholic brew are not for sale,
although tastings are being offered to some earthlings as Sapporo tries to push its brand
into a new orbit.

Tax, Tax, Tax - Australia's small breweries are being strangled by excise tax. On
top of all the usual taxes any small business pays, microbrewers have to fork out 25% of
their sales income straight to the ATO in the form of excise tax.

Anti-Beer Contest-    Marin Institute launched today the country's first anti-beer
ad contest, FREE the BOWL. The contest for youth from 13 to 20 seeks original
anti-beer ads of 30 to 60 seconds to counter Super Bowl beer advertising. Marin  
launched the contest at and will use YouTube to collect  videos.
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Home Brewing -
the easy way

The NanoBrewMaster is a contraption
that allows even the most unskilled of
people to make their very own beer.  
Using the latest computer technology
the device just about guarantees
production of a quality product.   It
monitors the introduction of water,
extract, hops, yeast and other
ingredients, as well as managing the
heating and chilling.  You simply put the
necessary ingredients in one end and
eventually good beer will be flowing out
of the tap on the other end.  
Miracles do happend!

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