Bud Gets Snowed Out
Pubs Close at Record Pace
Bud Light is losing to Snow Beer in a
battle for world’s sales leadership
Even not being sold globally, China’s
Snow Beer is forcing the US Bud
Light out of the position as the
world’s best selling beer.

Snow Beer, the product of a joint
venture between  SABMiller PLC and
China Resources Enterprise Ltd is
tops in terms of consumption.
Last year 1.35 billion gallons, of
Snow were consumed  compared with
48.4 million for Bud Light as a stand-
alone brand.  However, Bud Light
remains the top brand when sales of
its Budweiser brand are included.  
The Chinese brewery's production
was less than one-tenth of its current
level six years ago. Beer
consumption per person in China is
lower than that in the USA, or
Europe, but the nation’s beer market
has been the world's largest for the
past six years and is growing 10% a
year.  China's price-sensitive mass
market produces thin profit margins  
of roughly $2 per hectolitre,
compared with $50 to $80 in Europe
and the U.S.
The UK is seeing 36 pubs a week close their doors,
according to the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA).
That's nine times faster than in 2006 and 18 times faster
than in 2005. With the industry under huge strain as cash-
strapped customers stay at home, the BBPA is calling on
the government to cut duty on alcohol.
Despite this, the BBPA and other campaigners say the
government is increasing the burden by shackling the
industry with high excise duty. In March, alcohol tax rose
6% above inflation, boosting the cost of a pint by 4p.
Chancellor Alistair Darling has said that alcohol duty would
continue to rise by 2% above inflation in each of the next
four years.

An American brewery is now producing beer based on
yeast dating from about the Jurassic period.  
Raul Cano, the director of the Environmental Biotechnology
Institute at California Polytechnic State University in San
Luis Obispo, found a yeast strain in a piece of Burmese
amber dating from about 25 million to 45 million years ago.

The result is Fossil Fuels Brewing Co., fermenting Cano’s
industrial discovery. The American company -- in which
Cano is a partner, along with another scientist and a lawyer
-- has just introduced its pale ale and German wheat beer.
Dirty Jobs-  The hit cable television show Dirty Jobs, where host Mike Rowe and
his crew are “shown performing difficult, strange, and/or messy occupational duties
was in the Yakima Valley shooting an episode during the hop harvest. Rowe spent
two days picking and inspecting hops, working the kilns that dry the hops and making
bales. The episode is expected to air sometime this winter.

Food and Beer Pairing - Open a bottle of IPA for anything spicy, try a
Vienna lager with pizza, Belgium wheats work with most fish, go for a sweet stout
with eggs at breakfast, sip an American pale ale with fruit.  When in doubt, forget the
food and just drink the beer.

New old ads-    This year’s football season will see the return of those iconic
Miller Lite television commercials where sports figures, comedians and other celebrities
debated whether Miller Lite tasted great or was less filling. The “Great Taste, Less
Filling” tag line debuted over thirty years ago and was responsible for reviving Miller
Brewing and pushing them into the second place spot, behind Anheuser-Busch.
Really Old Beer