Waste Beer Fuels Convention
Coors Targets Females
Of the 10.7 billion pints of beer
consumed in the UK each year, only
13 per cent are drunk by women, a
gender imbalance that Coors UK is
trying to correct by setting up a new
business division codenamed 'Eve' to
woo women drinkers.
The company, is trying to convert
women to the beer cause with
premium variants such as Blue Moon
- a Belgian-style beer flavoured with
coriander and served with a slice of
orange - and champagne and beer
hybrid Kasteel Cru. It will also
promote virtues such as beer's lower
alcohol and calorie count compared
with wine.  This follows the British
Beer & Pub Association's 'Beautiful
Beer' campaign which is trying to
revitalise the beer's image. Initiatives
such as a tulip-shaped glass - to
make half-pints more elegant - aim to
attract new customers to bars
Organizers for the Democratic National Convention want it
to be the "greenest" convention ever, so they've contacted
the Molson Coors Brewing Company for help.

Coors' Golden plant produces roughly 3 million gallons of
ethanol a year.The company has agreed to supply all the
E85 ethanol needed to power the fleet of GM flex-fuel
vehicles being driven at the DNC in August.   

While most ethanol comes from corn, Molson Coors'
ethanol is produced from waste beer.The beer is lost
during packaging or is considered substandard for public
consumption. Company representative Al Timothy says
Coors is the country's first major brewer to convert waste
beer to ethanol.The brewery started doing it in 1996."We
have beer that doesn't meet our quality standards and so
that beer is sent to ethanol towers down here and distilled
down into 400 proof fuel-grade ethanol. That fuel grade
ethanol is blended with 15 percent gasoline and sold as
E85 fuel here in Colorado," said Timothy
Miller Craft Lite-   Miller Brewing has delayed its plans to begin national
distribution of the Miller Lite Brewers Collection. President Tom Long said that recent
test-market results “indicate a need for some additional and refined marketing
elements with greater clarity about the brand’s promise of light beer refreshment
combined with craft-style taste.”  Translation - the beers didn't taste good. The beers
were a Blonde ale, Wheat lager, and Amber lager.  All were brewed with adjuncts.

Myth Exploded - Don't worry, it takes many cycles of chilling and warming to
have an effect on beer according to new research.  Of course beer will stay fresh
longer in the refrigerator than on a room-temperature shelf. But unless you're chilling
and warming your beer every day for a month, moving them around won't hurt.

Romanian Plastic Beer-   Timisoreana, the best-selling beer brand in
Romania, saw a 2.5% market share increase last month,a new record. The rise had to
do with several combined factors, but the most visible one was the launch of
Timisoreana in 2-litre PET bottles  Beer bottled in plastic containers accounts for nearly
40% of beer sales in the world. Additionally, the growth rate of PET-bottled beer
sales was several times higher than that of the overall market.
Less Pints Pulled

Pubs in the UK are serving fewer drinks than ever. Publicans say
that they are pulling only 1.4 million pints a day - 1.6 million fewer
than at the height of the market in 1979.

The decline has been blamed on closures after the smoking ban,
rising costs and competition from supermarkets. A spokesman for
the British Beer and Pub Association said: “Beer sales in pubs are
now at their lowest level since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
We need a change of approach."  Some experts say placing blame
on the smoking ban is a mistake.  Evidence shows that such bans
have not hurt sales in any other country where it is in effect.

To make matters worse, the police are calling for tough new laws
after the association announced that its members were abandoning
the voluntary code banning aggressive drinks promotions. The
police and prohibitionists groups cite decision by more  than half of
the country’s 57,000 pubs not to end happy-hour deals as a cause
for great concern.  Some also suggest that special beer promotions
is likely to trigger an intense price war this summer.

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