Beer News EXTRA !
"I'll be...bock"
here comes Governator beer!
It's called "Governator" beer , a name reached by
morphing the words "governor" and "terminator",
according to Portland Brewing Co. CEO Jerome Chicvara
who says he was surprised that no California brewer
thought of it first.

Portland Brewing will produce 3,200 cases bearing the
Pumping Iron label as a humorous tribute to the 38th
governor of California, "Terminator" actor Arnold

The commemorative beer is being sold only in California.
It's an extra special bitter ale that comes in a 22-ounce
bottle with a label bearing a muscular figure posing like a
body builder.
Beware heavy pints.   Matt Jackson.26, recently became the first person in GB to
be officially diagnosed with RSI (repetitive strain injury) as a result of regularlarly
hoisitng six pints of ale four nights a week at his local pub.  When asked to
comment, Mr. Jackson said, " I suppose pint pots are quite heavy."

Dog Beer.. really.  Rumors have begun that Fisher Brewing (France) is considering
reviving an unusual trio of beers that caused a stir nearly a decade ago - La Biere
Amoureuse (an aphrodisiac beer) , Mom Toutou (beer for cats) and Mom Titi (beer
for dogs).  Animal lovers need not worry as both the cat and dog beers are

Who pays for these studies?   A Glasgow University psychology professor
recently studied 120 male and female students drinking habits.  Among other
revelations they discovered that after drinking about two pints of beer both
genders increased the perceived attractiveness of the opposite sex by about 25%.
Even Healthier!

Evidence keeps mounting that beer  might be even more healthy than
red wine in protecting against certain heart related ailments.  Now
there's even more good news.

A recent American/Israeli study revealed that beer is rich in silicon, a
mineral associatd with healthy bones.  The study found that men get up
to 33% more of the mineral in their diet than do women.  The reason
for this, the study concluded, is that the men are getting it from the grain
in beer.  The women studied were found to be getting silicon from green
beans, cereal, and mineral water.

Green beans or beer - take your choice.