Beer As Food
Chocolate Beer 3000 yrs.old
Recent studies say that beer, yes beer, can help protect you against
osteoporosis, heart disease and strokes; also beer can be
considered a source of energy. According to Dr. Lisa Dorfman,  a
Sports Nutritionist Instructor at the University of Miami (FLA) "Beer is
sort of like a food drink because it's so filling. It's like bread because
it's starchy and high in carbohydrates. Drinking 12 ounces of beer is
the equivalent of eating two slices of bread, and the carbohydrates in
beer, like those in bread, are used as an energy source for the brain,
the blood and the muscles."

Beer can be considered a "food drink" because of the ingredients in
it.  Water makes up around 90 percent of beer. Barley is another
component. It is a basic cereal grain which is malted. Malted means
that a grain is brought to its highest point of possible soluble starch
content by allowing it to germinate. Hops, a main ingredient, come
from the flowering hop vine  Finally, there is the yeast. This is the
most essential part of beer because the yeast turns the sugars into
alcohol.   These ingredients, according to Dorfman, can help protect
you against osteoporosis and heart disease. Drinking a pint of beer
can be substituted for a glass of milk. This is a boon for those who
are lactose intolerant as they've found an alternative source of their
milk vitamins as the ingredients in beer can help strengthen bones.

Harry Potter's First Legal Beer

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will travel to Belgium to purchase
Westvleteren beer. The beverage, brewed by Trappist monks at the
Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren, has a two case per month
restriction on purchases. A representative of the monks said,
"Daniel appreciates fine wine and beer and is fascinated by
Westvleteren. He wanted it to be the first alcoholic beverage he
legally drank."  The actor has reportedly agreed to purchase two
cases of Westvleteren Blonde, Westvleteren 8 and Westvleteren 12,
which can only be bought at the monastery gate. The monk added:
"We are no brewers. We are monks. We brew beer to be able to
afford being monks. But we treat everyone as equals. We do not
overcharge or undercharge."
People in Central America were drinking
beverages made from cacao before
1000 BC, hundreds of years earlier than
once thought, a new study shows.  
These early beverages were probably
alcoholic brews, or beers, made from
the fermented pulp of the cacao fruit.

Researchers believe that by brewing this
primitive beer, or chicha, the ancient
Mesoamericans may have stumbled on
the secret to making chocolate-
flavoured drinks.

"In the course of beer brewing, you
discover that if you ferment the seeds of
the plant you get this chocolate taste,"
says John Henderson, a professor of
anthropology at Cornell University in
Ithaca, New York."It may be that the roots
of the modern chocolate industry can be
traced back to beer!

The cacao bean played an important role
in  the native civilisation in parts of
Mexico and Central America   The bean
was a form of currency in Aztec society,
and the frothed chocolate beer  made
from it was central to social and ritual life
throughout the area..

In the 16th century, invading Europeans
acquired a taste for the beverage and
brought it back to Europe, which
led to the rise of the modern
chocolate industry.
Maize, not Hops-    Maize growers in East Africa could see higher prices for the
commodity in the near future as Rwandan brewers will soonintroduce the crop as an
ingredient in beer production. Most brewers will be using maize in place of malt in
many of their brands in a bid to hedge off the impact of rising global prices for the
basic inputs of beer production. Global  prices for grains such as malt, yeast and other
inputs have risen sharply leaving, brewers in the unenviable position of either
increasing consumer prices or limiting the impact on margins by attempting

Sgt. Pepper - Legendary pop artist Sir Peter Blake, who designed the Beatles'
famed Sergeant Pepper album, has used his imagination to promote another
home-grown product of Liverpool, Cains beer.  Blake has produced an exclusive label
for beer bottles containing the Liverpool brewers' Finest Lager.  It's a limited edition
that features a Union Jack emblazoned with the city's name across it proclaiming
Liverpool and its ale as the Best of the British.

Cheeers for Colorado-  A recent study by the Beer Institute of America
sowed that Colorado is the largest beer producing state in the US, brewing nearly 25
million gallons in 2007.
Best Use of Your USB

The CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller is the new way to keep your drink
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Just seconds after plugging the chiller into your computer’s USB
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