Beer News EXTRA !
"I'll be...bock"
here comes Governator beer!
It's called "Governator" beer , a name reached by
morphing the words "governor" and "terminator",
according to Portland Brewing Co. CEO Jerome Chicvara
who says he was surprised that no California brewer
thought of it first.

Portland Brewing will produce 3,200 cases bearing the
Pumping Iron label as a humorous tribute to the 38th
governor of California, "Terminator" actor Arnold

The commemorative beer is being sold only in California.
It's an extra special bitter ale that comes in a 22-ounce
bottle with a label bearing a muscular figure posing like a
body builder.
Budva wins a round in South Korea.   A court has rejected a claim by U.S.
mega brewer Anheuser-Busch that Czech brewer Budvar was infringing its
trademark in South Korea.  The two sides have been battling since the mid 1990's
in courts around the world over just who has the right to the Budweiser name.

Beer Lights Finally Legal.  Since the end of Prohibition bars, restaurants and
retailers in Michigan were banned from having neon signs in their windows for any
alcoholic beverage.  The Michigan Liquor Control Comission has just announced the
repeal of the ban saying it was an unreasonable restriction on commercial speech
and advertising freedom.

Yet another low carb beer.   Molson has become the latest brewer to unveil a
low carb beer.  Moslon's new "Ultra" has 4.5% ABV and 2.5 grams of
carbohydrates which is the same as eating a tablespoon of peanut butter or
drinking a glass of wine.  Moslon now joins Canadian brewers Labatt and Sleeman in
the low-carb market.
     Two-Second Pints -
The Ultimate Draft System

Anheuser-Busch is testing a new high speed beer tap in
selected English pubs that allows a pint to be pulled in less
than two seconds.  The system was first tried in the U.S. at
last year's World Series.  

The system is computer controlled and uses a flexible tube
attached to a conventional beer tap to dispense the beer.  
The computer controls the flow rate and the amount of gas
in the beer to prevent too much "head" or any spillage.

According to an A-B spokesperson, Michael Hocklye,
"With this system people don't have to wait so long for a
beer, sales increase, and I think it actually improves the
flavor because the taste of the foamy head is retained
throughout the pint."