Healthy and Happy Beer
A Sierra Nevada First
For the first time in its 27-year
history, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
will release its Anniversary Ale in
bottles.  For years, this coveted
beer has only been available in the
brewery pub in Chico, California
during the fall season when the
company celebrates its
founding in 1980.  

"When we heard people had driven
all the way from San Francisco last
year to try some  of this beer, and
how disappointed they were when
they couldn't take some home, we
figured it was time to make our
Anniversary Ale available to
everyone on a consistent basis,"
said brewery founder and
CEO Ken Grossman.

The 2007 Anniversary Ale features
prominent usage of Cascade hops.  
It is an American Style IPA with an
additional Cascade dry-hopping.

More good news for beer drinkers.  Latest medical
research shows that every glass of beer is a rich source
of vitamin B6, which has been proven to have positive
effects in lessening heart disease. Also, it has been
shown that people who regularly drink beer have lower
cholesterol and fat in their blood, and therefore a
healthier cardiovascular system. American-Finnish
researchers conducted a study which proves that beer
drastically reduces the danger of kidney stones by 40%.

Even more, drinking beer Improves memory. A Swedish
research team proved that mice, when given an optimal
amount of alcohol, produced new brain cells. The same
research showed that people who drink a few glasses of
beer per week in their old age, have less problems with
memory. Beer also slows down bodily signs of aging.

Lastly, you can foget the Starbucks.  Beer awakens and
relaxes the drinker even though it has no caffeine. It has
been clinically proven that beer brings a slight wakening
effect while improving mood, by prompting the secretion
of the "hormone of happiness" - serotonin.  
The Real Fosters ?- Global beverages, owners of Foster's, and United States'
giant Miller Brewing Company, have struck a licensing deal for Miller to produce Foster's
Lager in the US, starting this coming November. Miller will brew Foster's at Fort Worth,
Texas, and at Albany, Georgia.  And you thought Fosters was how you speak

Connecticut Rules! - Brewpubs in Connecticut have reason to celebrate.
Their handcrafted brews now can be sold beyond their pubs.   A new state law that
took effect July 29 scraps a 77-year-old provision in state liquor regulations that has
prevented Connecticut's nine brewpubs from having their beers, ales and stouts
bottled and distributed. The law now allows them to sell the brews to wholesalers for

Even in the Czech Republic -  Now, there are 19 Czech brands of
nonalcoholic beer on the local market in addition to two imported varieties.  
Brewers claim the improved quality and taste of non-alcoholic beers as well as
changes in people's lifestyles are helping to boost production and
consumption. Although nonalcoholic beer accounts only for some 2 percent  
of the country's overall beer output, its production has seen a double-digit
growth over recent years.  For the record, the Czech Republic leads the world
in per capita (alcoholic) beer consumption.

On October 11-13, 2007, the 26th edition of the Great American
Beer Festival returns to Denver. The granddaddy of all US beer
fests, the 2007 GABF will serve over 1,600 beers (in one-ounce
tasting portions) from 380 American breweries to the event's
40,000 attendees. The list of beers is the largest array of US beers
ever gathered together in one setting.

That list of beers and the event's growing attendance (last year's
GABF broke the previous year's attendance total by 28%) are proof
that the festival has become the major showcase and catalyst for
US craft beer industry (which is now at its peak).

While sales of beers from large domestic brewers have remained flat
in 2006-07, sales of craft beer continue to explode. Scan data from
Information Resources Inc. shows craft beer with a 17.8% increase  
-- more growth than any other alcohol beverage category in the
supermarket sales channel. In the past three years, craft beer sales
have grown by an astounding 31.5%

The beers served at the festival (along with others sent in by US
brewers not attending the GABF) are also judged by over 100
premier beer judges. Last year's judging included over 2400 beers
in 75 different beer-style categories, from 450 US breweries. The
2007 medal winners will be announced during the Saturday
afternoon session on October 13.

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