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Most Popular Beer Styles of 2006
Hotel Beer Goes Micro
At Four Points by Sheraton hotels,  
guests can now savor "Best Brews."
The program is just being tapped at
the 91 Four Points in North
America, says Hoyt Harper, senior
vice president for Starwood Hotels
and Resorts Worldwide Inc.

Each hotel is to have four draft
beers -- local or regional ones -- plus
20 different bottles, about half craft
brews and half imports. All the bars
will have certain staples, but each
can make its own picks.

Each bar has a designated "beer
expert" who helps train other
workers on brewing methods, beer
styles, food pairing and the like, so
they in turn can inform customers.

"It's going very well," says Amy
Tyner, food and beverage director
for the Four Points chain. " If you
want a mass-market beer at our
hotel you can order it in the bottle
but we expect the majority of our
sales to be the featured local
According to Ray Daniels, Director of Craft Beer Marketing at
the Brewers Association, Information Resources Inc. data
shows that the craft beer segment has grown nearly 19% in

During that same period, the overall beer category grew 1.9%
while imports were up 10% versus last year.  IRI's data for
previous years show growth of 8%, 5% and 2.3% for 2005,
2004 and 2003 respectively.

The most popular craft styles (with dollar share of total craft) for
the 2006 year:

Pale Ale (17.9%)

Seasonal beers (12.5%)

Amber Ale (11.2%)

Amber Lager (11.0%)

Wheat Beers (8.8%)

IPA (6.1%)

Others (32.5%)

Fastest growing of these:

Seasonal beers, with dollar sales up 31% over last year

IPAs up 27.5%

Wheat beers up 25%
ID Check- Anheuser-Busch plans to use an outside firm to keep
underage visitors from visiting its web sites. Many brewers and winemakers
currently use an honor system to keep teens from visiting their sites.
Visitors are asked to enter a birth date to enter, but the information is
never verified.

Tony Ponturo, Anheuser-Busch's vice president of global media said the
company decided to change its policy before launching Bud.TV in February.
The screening process will ask visitors for a name, age and address,
including zip code, Ponturo said. The data can be matched against public
records such as driver's licenses and voter registration cards. Verified
individuals would then receive a password that would let them enter any
Anheuser-Busch site.

Cheap Beer -  Supermarket prices of beer in the UK have hit an
all-time low and could sink further, causing drinkers to raise their
glasses in celebration but prompting warnings from doctors.

Stella Artois is on sale at  for 11p per 100ml, just over 62p a pint.
Prices could go even lower as supermarkets compete in the run-up
to Christmas.  In some cases, the cost of lager has fallen to as little
as 11p per 100ml - roughly the same as bottled water!

White Foam  -Why is beer froth always white? Beer foam
consists of tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide the walls of which are
made up of various proteins and carbohydrates produced during
the brewing process.   The walls of the tiny bubbles reflect all the
light except that which gives the foam its distinctive white color.
Celebrate Hanukkah with a He'Brew

Ten years ago, Jeremy Cowan founded the Shmaltz Brewing Company in
San Francisco. At the time, he was lucky to get all 100 cases of his
celebratory Hanukkah beer out to market, which meant delivering the
beer out of the back of his grandmother's Volvo.

"It was the only Jewish celebration beer in the country," deadpans
Cowan. Now Shmaltz is celebrating a decade in business as the maker of
He'Brew, the "chosen beer" that enjoys widespread distribution and looks
to bottle more than 28,000 cases this year. That milestone led Cowan to
add some new brews to his stable, including a 22-ounce Genesis 10:10,
flavored with a touch of pomegranate, and his tribute to the late
comedian, the Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.

The Lenny's label says it all. It's a high-alcohol (10 percent) beast made
with "an obscene amount of malt and hops." "It hits you like a dirty joke,
I swear" said Cowan. The "R" before the I.P.A. not only plays off the
comedian's demise, but it also alludes to the spicy rye malt added along
with enough hops to make this a double India Pale Ale. Like Bruce, it's a
bold challenge.  Cowan contracts with the Mendocino Brewing Co. to
have the beers made and bottled at their Saratoga Springs, N.Y., plant,
which certainly accounts for the quality.

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