Beer News EXTRA !
More Low Carb Beers Coming
Matt Brewing in New York, brewers of the Saranac beer line, has
tossed its hat into the low carb beer ring with
Accel.  Company
president Nicholas Matt said
Accel — containing only 2.4 grams of
carbohydrates per 12-ounce bottle and 89 calories — has the
lowest carb content of any other beer on the market.

Accel is one of several relatively new beers developed to satisfy the
roughly 30 million Americans on weight reduction programs such as
the Atkin's Diet.  Anheuser-Busch's Michelob Ultra, with 2.9 carbs
per 12-ounce serving, has been the hottest seller, while Rolling
Rock has scored with its Rock Green Light, a beer with 2.6 grams
of carbs. Meanwhile, Miller Brewing has begun to promote the fact
that its veteran Miller Lite has only 3.2 carbs.

Several analysts, including a Wall Street research firm and a beer-
industry publication, say that industry giant Coors also plans to
unveil a low-carbohydrate beer by early next year.  
Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day returns Nov. 1.  Last year, more than 1,000
homebrewers participated at 124 sites and the American Homebrewers Association
estimated that 450 new homebrewers were introduced to the hobby.

Adolph Coors Co. (RKY), the No. 3 U.S. brewer, Thursday said quarterly profit
rose 31.8 percent on higher beer prices in North America and volume growth in

Anheuser-Busch, in the first three months of 2003,  earned $485 million as sales
grew nearly 5% to $3.28 billion. Worldwide beer sales volume rose 1.7% to 26.7
million barrels.

Oklahoma House Bill 1014 is aimed at curbing problems with under age drinking
by making those who purchase kegs and provide beer to minors responsible.
Authorities will track kegs back to purchasers through a registration system that
allows police to track a keg -- first to a retailer, then to its buyer -- making both
retailers and buyers more accountable.  Anyone who purchases a keg and fails to
return it, or those returning kegs with damaged or missing seals can face a $500
Australia has the world's best bar staff.

Kerrie-Ann Watts, who works at Adelaide's Belgian Beer Cafe, (Sidney,
Australia) won the
World Draughtmaster 2003 title. After winning the
Australian national round of Draughtmaster 2003 she was flown to Belgium for
the world finals

Kerrie-Ann had to prove her prowess in pulling draught beer, pouring bottled
beer, and serving techniques of both to the judges.  The  judges looked at
everything, from Belgian glass washing and rinsing rituals, pouring techniques,
traditional Belgian "slicing" of the beer's head, proper facing of beer glass
badges, and even the correct use of coasters.