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Binge Drinking Nations
Calories Count
Which nations in the world do the most binge drinking?

First a short definition.  Binge drinking is an English
term for drinking until the knees go on strike.
According to a British study Belgium occupies fourth
position of reckless drinking, after Finland, Ireland
and the United Kingdom

The average number of drunken nights spent by a
Belgian is 27, beaten by a rubescent nose by the Brit
and his 28, which is four times the norm for Italy.
Recent years have seen alarming increases in such
excess drinking among young women.

The research has led some government leaders to
conclude that alcohol is one of the most serious
problems for the health of the peoples of Europe,
after tobacco and high blood pressure.  

In the US, the National Survey on Drug Use and
Health (NSDUH) reports that last year approximately
7.2 million persons (19.2 percent) aged 12 to 20 were
binge alcohol users, the largest group by age.

Overall lowest rate was in Utah (13.7 percent) and the
highest was in North Dakota (32.5 percent).
The amount of calories in an
alcoholic beverage can come as
a shock to people who think a
few sips could hardly affect their

For example, a shot of vodka
amounts to about 100 calories,
which equals one can of light
beer. But when you start adding
in all the sugary drinks and the
sodas, the calories start adding
up fast.

"When you drink all these drinks,
the body can't process the
sugar, so it gets converted into
fat," said dietitian Wayne Larson .
A margarita has 453 calories, a
martini has 413 calories and
mixed drinks -- such as pina
coladas, rum-and-Cokes and
vodka cranberries -- have nearly
300 calories each
Beer Reduces Prostrate Cancer Risk

A new study from researchers at Oregon State University reveals
that a natural ingredient found in beer may reduce the risk of prostate
cancer. The ingredient, found in the hops used to brew beer, is
xanthohumol, and belongs to a group of plant compounds called
flavonoids that can trigger the death of cancer cells along the surface
of the prostate gland. Researchers are quick to point out the amount
of xanthohumol in beer is far too low to be of any benefit, estimating
it would require consuming a case of beer per day to activate the
positive effects. German brewers have already responded by creating
a beer with ten times the amount of xanthohumol, marketing it as a
"healthy beer."

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Beer Consumption Soars
for World Cup

Reaching for a beer while watching soccer is a worldwide phenomenon.
The pubs of England, where beer and football are enjoyed equally, beer
drinking during matches is up by 40 per cent.

The scene isn't all that different in pub city, Bangalore, India. According
to liquor retailer DM Purnesh, all his seven outlets are showing a marked
increase in beer sales.  "It's up by 15-20 per cent over the last 15 days,
all because of the World Cup,he says, "The pint bottles, especially, are
selling like hot cakes. It seems to be the right thing to have, sitting before
the TV with friends.

Statistics in Germany, Italy and France show there's much more beer  
per person being drunk than ever before, with increases
up to25 per cent more than normal.

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Beer Beats Wine-  The  Institute of Food Technologists
reports that  beer is healthier than wine. Their report cited the
soluble fibre, vitamin B12, folic acid, niacin and antioxidants present
in beer.  Beer's soluble fiber is good for digestion and the active
ingredient in beer's alcohol helps counter blockage of the arteries
better than the component in wine.

Heinkene Goes Light- Heineken recently introduced its light
version that contains 99 calories, compared to 160 calories in the
regular Heineken. Michelob Ultra,  boasts 95 calories, while Miller Lite
has 96 calories.  And then there's the other end of the scale. Sierra
Nevada Stout tops the beer list at 210 calories, while the brand's
Pale Ale isn't far behind at 200.  Four ounces of red wine contains 70
calories. A Long Island Ice Tea has a whopping 789 calories.

Beer Prices  - Stuttgart's Fan Fest enclosure celebrating the
World Cup has got its pricing down right - a pint of water costs
$ 5.50 and a pint of beer $4.  It could be argued that getting
steadily drunk was an economising  measure. Wisely, all chairs were
removed from the area and beer was only served in plastic cups.