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Sam Adams Homebrew
Contest 2006
Dragon's Milk
New Holland Brewery in CO has
begun distributing Dragons' Milk
Beer along the East Coast.
It has a strong cream flavor, due
to the addition of lactose sugar
during fermentation. Lactose is a
sugar that cannot be converted
to alcohol by yeast, so its use
adds more sweetness and body
to a beer, along with the cream
or milk flavor.

Dragon's Milk, which, depending
on the source, is either a
Scottish term for a strong ale or
the actual name of a beer from
sometime in England's past. It
pours dark and creamy and has
an incredible aroma of vanilla,
oak, chocolate, toffee and

It clocks in with a 10-percent
alcohol content which probably
explains why even milk drinking
dragons were  so feared.
Samuel Adams has begun the 2006 Samuel
Adams(R) American Homebrew Contest, challenging
beer enthusiasts and homebrewers across the
country to see if their favorite recipes have the quality
and flavor to be selected as a winning beer for
national distribution in the LongShot(R) mix six-pack
available in February 2007.  After all, Jim Koch,
founder and brewer of Samuel Adams beer, started
as a homebrewer when he created his first batch of
Samuel Adams Boston Lager(R) in his kitchen.

A panel of experts, including Koch, will judge
submissions and select five top recipes to advance to
the semifinals being held at the 25th Annual Great
American Beer Festival in Denver, September 28-30.
The five finalists will be awarded a trip to attend the
festival where Samuel Adams will announce the two
winning recipes. Beginner beer enthusiasts, novice
and experienced homebrewers can learn more by
visiting to purchase a
homebrew kit that comes complete with a "how to"
video and to learn more about the contest. Entries
must be received between August 1-18, 2006.
Senior Citizens Carded for Beer

Anyone, and that means anyone, who wants a six-pack of beer in
Tennesse soon will have to prove they are old enough to buy it.

"We're very proud of this," said Emily LeRoy, associate director of
the Tennessee Oil Marketers Association, one of several industry
groups pushing the bill that requires beer sellers, with the exception of
restaurants, to check all IDs.

But the universal carding measure, which LeRoy says Tennessee
would be the first state in the nation to enact, isn't universally
popular.Anti-drinking groups and local officials are concerned about
a trade-off that cuts the power to punish markets that sell beer to
underage drinkers.

In a twist that reflects Tennessee's convoluted alcohol laws, people
buying wine or whiskey won't face the same ID requirement because
it only applies to beer. Beer sales are traditionally regulated at the
local level in Tennessee, while liquor sales are regulated by the state.

Beer cannot be sold in the same stores that sell wine and liquor. The
universal carding bill -- easily passed by the state Senate and House
-- also would create a voluntary training regimen called the
"responsible vendors program for sellers and all their employees."

Businesses in the program face a lower fine if found guilty of selling
beer to a minor. The measure also says that beer permits for
"responsible vendors" cannot be revoked on a first offense.

"Our biggest concern is a reduction in fines for those who opt into the
program," said Laura Dial, executive director of Mothers Against
Drunk Driving of Tennessee, which is neutral on the bill. "That just
doesn't make any sense."

And neither does asking for an AARP card.

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Portland #1 in the world-
Portland claims more breweries than any other city in the world,
thirty-one.  It has been said, tongue half in-cheek, that Portland is
the only city where you can get into a fistfight over who makes the
best India pale ale. Not to be outdone by its leading city, the state of
Oregon has only about 1 percent of the population, boasts of 7
percent of America's estimated 1,400 breweries and brew pubs.

Free Beer with Cell Phone- For anyone with a Virgin Mobile
phone here's an offer you can't refuse - more beer and a kebab,
absolutely free!  Yes, the mobile company is offering customers at
what are described as "youth orientated" events the chance to text
the word "beer" or "kebab" to a short code number to receive a
text, containing a voucher for two free beers and a kebab.  Sorry,
this offer is only available in the UK as of now.

Rolling Rock Sold  - News of the Rolling Rock Brewery's
recent sale  means that Pennsylvania is losing a piece of their
history.  Belgium-based InBev SA, owners of the famous Latrobe
brewing landmark which began production in 1933, announced that
it had sold the brand and recipes to Anheuser-Busch for $82 million.  
Executives for Anheuser-Busch said all production of Rolling Rock
and Rock Green Light will be moved to its plant in Newark, N.J. in
August.  InBev USA said it will sell the actual brewery in Latrobe, Pa.
but there were no takes as of yet.