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The Beer Code Revealed!
Happy Birthday Bigfoot
When it comes to beer, can your favorite brew pass
the freshness test? To find out, you may have to
crack the code.

Some beers like Bud and Miller have easy to
understand “Born on” dates, but others are bit tough
to decipher.  For example, a can of Corona has the
label EF 23. In Corona code, “E” represents the year,
“F” is the month in reverse alphabetical order and
“23” is the day.  So, EF 23 translates to July 23, 2005.

Bass has a code just as tricky. For instance one label
bears 10 B 5. “10” is the day, “B” is the month and “5”
is the last digit of the year. SO, 10 B 5 is February 10,

For Guinness, if the bottle has the code L 5 227
GH001, you need to pay attention to only the “5” and
the “227.” The “5” stands for 2005, and the “227”
stands for the 227th day of 2005. Therefore, the
production date would be August 15, 2005.

A similar code is used by Heineken. If the bottle says
5 269 528F007, The “5” stands for the year 2005 and
the “269” represents the 269th day of that year.
Hence, the production date would be September 26,
It's won five gold medals over
the years at the Great American
Beer Festival and now Sierra
Nevada's Bigfoot Barleywine
celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Barleywine is an ancient English
term for beer that approaches
the strength of wine. (Ordinary
table wine's about 12 percent.)
The 2006 version  of Bigfoot
comes in at 9.6 percent and
fetures a blend of two-row pale,
English caramel and Dextrin
malts.  The bittering hop is
Chinook, with its nose of pines
and grapefruit.  Late addition
hops are citrusy Cascades and
Centennials and more Chinooks.  
International Bitterness Units top
90. Bud's about 13 IBU.

Bigfoot is bottle conditioned so
fermentation continues as the
beer ages, which means you can
put a few bottles aside for
tasting next year.
Beer Bandits-   Beer drinkers be on the look out.  Hillsborough
Florida sheriff's deputies are investigating a series of burglaries
involving beer-thirsty bandits.  As many as 15 refrigerators, all on
back porches overlooking the Northdale golf course, were broken
into. Residents say sodas and other drinks were not taken, only the
beer. Investigators say in most cases, screen doors were sliced so
the beer burglars could get inside.

Free Beer- It was free beer for all on the South African highway
N3 when a delivery truck lost its cargo.  Motorists and the nearby
community quickly helped themselves to the beer that had spilled
across the road.  A passerby said that he could barely get past the
cars that had stopped to pillage the cargo.  "It was crazy" said Ted
Jakmon.  "People were running across the road with their arms full
of beer and big smiles on their faces."

Ultra Ultra  -  Anheuser-Busch has announced it's newest beer-
Michelob ULTRA Amber.  This is the first extension of the Michelob
ULTRA brand.   According to Dan McHugh, vice president, of
Anheuser-Busch, "The distinctive taste of Michelob ULTRA Amber, is
ideal for those who prefer a full-flavored light beer."    Reportedly he
said this with a straight face.
Beer Can with Lip Wrapper

Spanish brewer Grupo Cerveza Alhambra has modified some of its
beer cans with the misophobe in mind, putting a wrapper on the top
of the can to keep the lip clean. After all, you never know where
those cans have been. Drink now, drink plenty, and drink with
confidence, with sealed beer cans for your personal safety.
Here’s to your health.

Labor Saving Machine for your Home

Tokyo - Japanese inventors have created a self-service beer machine
for the home market. You simply  put a glass on a platform, press a
button, and then the machine automatically tilts the glass, dispenses
beer to a perfect pour, and then when it is about 90% full, it tilts the
glass back upright.

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