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Warm Beer Law in  Missouri
Laotian Beer a Success
An idea from a fifth grader has the attention of
legislators in Missouri.  Eleven year old Kristen Bogert
was given a homework task to write a 100 word essay
about what should become law.  Her response to this
class assignment is now the basis of a new law being
considered by the Missouri legislature.  

Kristen's essay was about her plan to curb drunk
driving.  Her idea was to prohibit bars, grocery stores,
and convenience shops from selling beer colder than
60 degrees.

State Senator Dan Thompson took Kirsten's plan and
made it the center of a new law he has proposed.  
Senator Thompson said that "I think that this law will
curb the amount of drinking right at rush hour. Many
people stop at places that ice down beer and get a
few to drink on the way home and if that option wasn't
there then they wouldn't drink those two beers before
driving home."

Anheuser-Busch representatives claim such a law
would have no impact on drunk driving and along with
the Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience
Store Association have begun a strong lobbying
campaign against the proposed measure.

(Note - Missouri does NOT have an open container law)
Beerlao has snapped up 99%
of its domestic market and
some international awards while
forging a rarity in this
impoverished remnant of the
communist world — a
distinctive brand name.

Smooth, golden-colored and
with a bouquet of rice
substituting for the more
traditional barley, Beerlao has
was voted Asia's best beer of
2004 by Time magazine.  

The company realizes that
Beerlao's "full taste of
happiness" and the nationalist
factor are not the only reasons
for its success — a 40% tax on
imported beer helps. This,
however, will vanish in 2008
when Laos joins the Southeast
Asian free trade zone.
Beer that isn't brewed where you think it is  
FOSTER'S Australian lager is brewed in Toronto;
SAPPORO Japanese lager is brewed in Guelph, Ontario;
GUINNESS EXTRA STOUT Irish stout is brewed in Toronto;
SAM ADAMS Boston ales and lagers are brewed in Cincinnati;
BLUE MOON Belgian-style wheat beer is brewed in Memphis
KILLIAN'S IRISH RED Irish-style lager is brewed in: Golden, Colo.

Beer sunglasses- Each beer mug measures a full 4 inches from
top to bottom, and a hefty 2 ½ inches across. Beer lovers can peer
out of light pale ale colored lenses, which have full UV protection! Of
course, you must be over 18 to wear these sunglasses, and please
wear them responsibly. Yes, please do WEAR and DRIVE!" Get them
now at

WORLD SERIES OF BEER PONG  -  162 competitors
entered the first-ever World Series of Beer Pong in La Vegas in an
effort to win the $10,000 first prize.   Each team played 11 games,
averaging one competition per hour. That meant -- provided the
players didn't drink between rounds -- a team would consume
about 12 ounces of beer every 60 minutes.  Competitors shelled
out about $550 per team to participate in the tournament.
Voters Pick Brown Ale for Sam Adams

This month Samuel Adams adds a brown ale to its line of products as the
result of voting last fall by 11,000 "beer enthusiasts," including members
of the media, at 430 tasting events across the nation.

The brown ale beat out a Bohemian Pilsner: 6,649 votes to 5,109.

The new beer will be part of the Samuel Adams Brewmaster Collection.
It also will be available in six-packs starting in February.

"We're thrilled with the amount of participation," Samuel Adams founder
Bill Koch said in a statement.

Brown ale is descended from the first beers ever brewed commercially.
It's made with a blend of two-row malt, including Harrington, Metcalfe,
caramel, Munich, roasted Carafa and Maris Otter.  The brew also
includes Bavarian Noble Spalt Spalter hops and English Goldings that add
a mild citrusy bite.

The result: a complex and full-bodied malt flavor without bitterness and
with hints of caramel, toast and biscuit.

It's pleasing to the eye as well as the palate, with a deep mahogany luster.

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