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USB Beverage Chiller
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Need a great Christmas gift
for your beer loving, computer
using friend?  Well, here's
your answer: the CoolIT USB
Beverage Chiller.  Just plug it
into your USB port and chill

Sales have been brisk for this
new computer accessorythat  
is essentially a coldplate that  
chills to 45 degrees
Fahrenheit in less than a
Beer & Cancer Prevention -TDid You Know a compound
found in beer has been shown to prevent cancer?  It's all due to a
compound found in the hops that give beer its flavor.  It's called
Xanthohumol. Researchers at Oregon State University have found it
contains strong properties against breast, colon and ovarian
cancer.  It could possibly help fight prostate cancer, too.  The bad
news is that scientists say to get the full benefits, we'd have to drink
120 gallons of your average beer every single day. Wait a minute -
who say's that's bad news?

Pabst 60 Ft. Beer Bottle - The fate of the 60-foot-tall Pabst
beer bottle in Newark remains up in the air. While the long closed
brewery nearby is being demolished, there's still no firm decision on
what do with the 75-year-old copper-coated bottle, which makes an
occasional cameo on the HBO series "The Sopranos."

Labatt fined $250K  -  Labatt Breweries pleaded guilty  to illegally
influencing the prices of discount beer in Quebec and was fined $250,000
— equalling the largest penalty ever imposed for such an offence.  

Labatt had a standing off to selected retailers of $2,000 to raise the price
of a competitor's products. In the spirit of free choice Labatt also offered
retailers the option of free cases of beer instead.
Robotic Bar Tender Serves Drinks

The RoboBar automated bartender comes equipped with a pair of five-
axis manipulator arms and is mounted on a rotating base that provides a
highly flexible movement. The end-of-arm tooling consists of simple
parallel grippers, which allow it to serve up draft beer,
mixed drinks, soda and juices.

The system uses a magnetic card scanner to authorize drink service.
After a valid card swipe, the customer uses a touch screen to pick his
poison. The robot then selects a cup, pours the drink and adds ice to the
customer’s taste. It even gives mixed drinks a little shake to make sure
everything is well mixed. The robot then passes the drink to the
customer via an automatic turntable located at the side of the cell.

“RoboBar doesn’t mind late hours or long shifts, and doesn’t complain
about the lack of tips. RoboBar also will never show up late, drink on the
job, dip into the till or be rude to customers,” says Carl Traynor,
Motoman’s senior director of marketing. “Smoke doesn’t bother the
robot, and it never has a bad attitude.”

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Like dinosaurs and eight-track tapes, Belgian's classic
Rodenbach beer appeared to be gone for good from
the United States.

Long considered one of the world's best brews, the
famous red beer disappeared in this country for five
years before it began popping up recently at East
Coast beer emporiums.

Sharply acidic and thirst- quenching, Rodenbach is
considered the classic "sour" style beer of West
Flanders. The beer gains most of its sourness from
yeast that floats to the top of the brewing vessel and

Its burgundy color is generally attributed to two things:
the Vienna-style malts and the uncoated oak vessels
in which the beer ages. The basic Rodenbach is
actually a blend of young beer matured five or six
weeks and vintage beer matured 18 months to two
years. The brewery also produces a highly regarded
complex Grand Crue, which is a longer- matured beer.
There are serious people, such as beer guru Michael
Jackson, who consider it one of the world's best brews.