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The Arab satellite network
MBC is now bringing the
antics of American's favorite
family, The Simpsons, to the
heart of the Arab world.
The show is now called Al
Shamshoon, Homer is called
Omar, and Bart is Badr.

MBC has made some drastic
changes however to the
familiar characters in
transforming them to Arab
personalities.  The network
has removed all references to
everything forbidden by the
Koran such as bacon and
beer.  Homer's favorite
hangout, Moe's Bar, is
nowhere to be see and his
favorite drink , Duff Beer,  will
be shown as being soda.

An MBC spokesperson said
that the changes would not
effect the essential humor of
the series.

Homer without Duff  - no way.
Boston's "Bottie Beer"- The Bootie Beer Company has just
begun distributing its lager beer throughtout Boston.  Company
CEO Tania Torruella said that "Bootie is the Maxim of Beers" referring
to the popular male oriented magazine.  "Everybody loves money,
sex, and beer.  Our company will supply the beer" she proclaimed.   
The upstart company's  beer is contracted brewed in Orlando

Beer Ice Cream - Scottish Courage, the big U.K. brewer, last
week began selling to British consumers ice cream that tastes like
Newcastle Brown Ale, one of the company's flagship brands. The
product is made via a joint venture with Doddington Dairies, which,
like the beermaker, is located in Northeast England.  

Beer Power - BEER MUSCLES is a new feature length independent
movie now available for purchase online.  The plot is classic - an evil wine
mogul destory all the beer in twon ( Barleyville).  It's then up to a super
powered bartender and his slacker buddy to get the beer back.  The
producers call it an " off the wall comedy that's raw, different, and even a
little bit funny.  What we lacked in time and money ( editor's note - and
talent) we made up for in beer; lots of beer." Check it out at
Ban the Elf

State officials in Connecticut want to ban a holiday beer label they worry
might entice children to drink beer, sparking a possible constitutional
battle and virtually guaranteeing the beer will sell out.  

State liquor regulations bar alcohol advertising with images that might
appeal to children, and the regulations specifically mention Santa. "There
are certain symbols and images that appeal more strongly to children and
this regulation includes the most obvious among them," Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal said. "The state has wide discretion to regulate the
sales of alcohol."

The state Liquor Control Division notified Massachusetts-based Shelton
Brothers distributors that it was rejecting its application to sell the beer, a
bitter winter ale brewed at the Ridgeway Brewery in England.

The state has also indicated that it will not allow Shelton Brothers to sell
Warm Welcome Nut Brown Ale, which also has a picture of
Santa Claus on the label.

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Beerhugs Inc., an Arizona based beverage accessory
firm has launched it's eponymously named glass mug
with an insulated handles that always stays warm and
dry to the touch.  Test studies have shown the   
patented grip is nearly five times warmer than regular
glass handles.

"I noticed a lot of friends had glass mugs in their
freezers but weren't using them," said creator Geoff
Mott.  "It was obvious they wanted a cold mug but did
not want frostbitten, slippery wet hands.  I solved their

The 16 ounce mug is being marketed primarily to
bars, restaurants and colleges.  Individual consumers
can purchase a four pack for $39.95 on the
company's website.

editor - If anyone is interested in this product my advice is
to wait for their going out of business sale.