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Rheingold to Return
Beam Me Up a Beer ,Scotty
James Doohan, the actor who played Scotty, the
immortal "Star Trek" character, was Canadian.
However, Doohan , who passed away last month at
85, had forged a second identity as the beleaguered
Scottish engineer on the classic Star Trek television
series.  It was because of his character's world wide
fame that pubs throughout Scotland saluted Doohan
in a  nationwide event last week.

Alan Black, coordinator of the "Toast to Scotty" day
said "he (Scotty) made me the man I am today: proud
of being Scottish, proud to be the fixer, proud to save
the captain's ass, happy with the bagpipes, my
whiskey and my memory. Thank you, Scotty! Thank
you for making Scotland great!"

At each participating pub patrons held their drink aloft
as Black's statement was read, followed by cheers
and chugging.  The program ended with a brief video
tribute -- great Scotty moments from "Star Trek" --
including the one in which he drinks an alien under
the table using rare whiskey.

No fewer than three Scottish cities are claiming that
Scotty was born there -- Aberdeen, Elgin and
Linlithgow -- and all three want to erect a plaque to
the character Montgomery Scott. It's become quite the
tempest in Scotland, with regular reports of civic
leaders taking shots at each other. But now it appears
that Linlithgow may have the edge: Doohan's widow,
Wende, has told that her husband
believed that chief engineer Montgomery Scott was
born there.
"It's not bitter, it's not
sweet.....won't you buy extra
dry Rheingold beer?"

Classic retro beer Rheingold is
now being revived by Drinks
Americas, a Wilton, Conn. firm.

Rheingold, known as the
"extra-dry" beer closed it's
Orange, NJ main brewery in
1977.  The brand was brought
back as a small, regional label in
1999 as a contract brew out of
Utica NY.  After a brief flurry
sales again dipped and disaster
loomed until Rheingold was
recently bought by Drinks
Americas.  It will continue to be
brewed in Utica but will now be
marketed to a wider area and be
backed by a large advertising

Drinks America's corporate goal,
according to a filing with the
SEC, is to purchase and
re-establish defunct "celebrity"
brands and target the Hispanic
consumer market along with
general distribution.
Oktoberfest in South Korea- The largest of Seoul's beer-related events is
only a couple of weeks away as the Seoul Hilton hotel gets ready for its annual
celebration of Oktoberfest. The Hilton bash is one of the biggest parties in the
country.  Last year 10,500 revellers came to drink beer, eat German food and  
dance.  So why is the Oktoberfest in September? The Seoul organizers want to be
in line with the festivities in Munich, where the event was brought forward to
September because of the weather, allowing beer lovers warmer evenings for late-
night outdoor drinking. To prevent the festival becoming a complete misnomer, the
last weekend of the Munich festival always ends in October.

A Regular Customer - Levi Timbana of Pocatello, Idaho was charged with
felony robbery, accused of stealing beer from the same store he stole from in
January, authorities said. Timbana, 23, was accused of walking into the Cowboy Oil
store Aug. 9 and taking a swing at a clerk who refused to sell him beer after hours.
Prosecutors say the clerk held Timbana at bay with a metal pipe until police arrived;
Timbana’s companion allegedly fled with two cases of beer.
Police said Timbana punched a different clerk at the store during a January beer

Maris Hits Homer - Anheuser-Busch agreed to pay at least $120 million in
cash to the family of former home run king Roger Maris as part of a settlement that
ended a defamation trial and other litigation, according to the government .  Maris
had become a large distributor of A-B products after his retirement from baseball.  
With his passing a dispute arose between the Maris family and A-B management
over certain contractual issues.  A-B launced a public campaign that, according to
the Maris group, defamed their character and that of the baseball legend.
First Bio Beer

Lady Bird Bio Beer has been launched in the Kerala market with
Canada, Malaysia and the US soon to follow.  

Bio-beer was made up of barley malt, Carbondioxide hops extracts and
extract of aloe-vera.  According to the manufacturer, results of human
clinical trails have shown that Aloe Vera increases the bioavailability of
Vitamins B1, B6, B12, C and E.  They also claim that the long-term use
of the beverage will not cause the ulceration, gastric trouble or other
harmful effects that come from drinking standard beer.

As an added bonus the beer is said to provide a "pleasant feeling" while it
actually protects the liver by improving its function; the company also
says that drinking Lady Bird Bio will reduce blood cholesterol
and  maintain healthy bilirubin levels.

At least they didn't claim the beer tastes good.

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