Bud Takes On China
White Castle Beer
White Castle is getting into the beer business
and it will soon be offering their own line of
brew to go with their slider hamburgers.
The fast-food chain will be launching its first
beer, a kölsch from Weyerbacher Brewing
Company, which will be available at 400 White
Castle restaurants in 13 different states.
Although the idea may seem novel, it’s hardly
the first or only fast-food franchise to dabble in
offering beer. But it may be the first to put their
name on it.

McDonald’s offers beers in several European
locations. In France, you can order a
Kronenbourg 1664 with your Big Mac. In
Greece, you can get a Heineken. McDonalds
also offers beer in South Korea, Austria, Spain
and a handful of other European countries.
Burger King offers domestic beers at their BK
Whopper Bars, which are high-end branches of
the Burger King brand, but those are only
located in high-traffic areas like Orlando, Las
Vegas and Miami. Chipotle offers beers at more
than 900 U.S. locations as well.
But White Castle isn’t just selling beer, they will
be selling their own beer, technically. The
company is just licensing the White Castle
brand name to a brewery,
The world’s largest brewer is making a big push for
China and other parts of Asia — but it could prove
challenging for Anheuser-Busch InBev to topple local
beers that have long dominated their home markets.

AB InBev said it will expand in Asia, especially in China,
South Korea, India and Vietnam. But in China — where
premium beers are popular — AB InBev is in third
position with a 16% market share. The company is not
even in the top ten places.

Analysts say big players have already been buying up
smaller beer companies in Asia, and that could be one of
the strategies for AB InBev.  China Resources Beer has
more than 25% market share in the Chinese market. Its
vastly popular Snow beer is the top-selling beer in the
world by volume.

The company is the largest local brewer by market value,
followed by Tsingtao Brewery and Chongqing Brewery,
Refinitiv data show.

Chinese brewers have a strong presence in the regional
share market, the beer market in China is still largely
fragmentedChina’s tipple of choice is still the baijiu, a
traditional drink made from fermented grain that holds
sway in the country.
O07 Special - The next James Bond film, the 25th, is coming in April 2020, but
Bollinger is unveiling a new Bond-themed limited-edition bottle now It will be priced
at $230 per bottle. The wine is from a single grand cru vineyard in Champagne,
France, and was vinified in oak barrels then aged for seven years under cork. We
know it's not beer but it sounds really good.
Troegs Protects - Tröegs Brewing PA and the Nature Conservancy have joined
together to protect Pennsylvania's Kittatinny Ridge, an 185-mile chain of forested
Appalachian mountains. Tröegs has released a new dry-hopped pale ale called Trail Day.
Proceeds from the beer will go toward their Trail Day Fund, to protect the area.

Beer Xmas At Costco- Shoppers have noticed that not only has Christmas
come early to Costco, but it’s a little extra boozy this year. Now, people can
combine the traditional advent calendar with a daily beer.the item, which is on sale
for $59.99 isa festive box boasts 24 exclusive imported German beers collected
together by Kalea, a German beer company.

Is It Wine Or Beer - One of the hottest new styles of beer developed in Italy
is oenobeer, a type of liquid that tastes something like a mix between beer, wine,
and mead.  It has a hint of sweetness in a grape/hop background.  Give it a try.

Hershey Bar Beer - Yuengling has teamed up with fellow Pennsylvania
company Hershey’s on its very first collaborative beer. Called the Yuengling
Hershey’s Chocolate Porter, it’s their dark-brewed porter made extra chocolatey
with Hershey’s cocoa, syrup, and nibs.
Are You Drunk?

A new survey from alcohol.org, has been release showing the number of beers a
person can drink before they start to feel drunk. On a scale from 2.71 to 4.04, most
states began feeling tipsy after drinking their third drink. The specific national average
for beer tolerance is 3.45 beers.

The website conducted a study of more than 2,580 respondents from every state by
asking them how many beers can they drink in one sitting before they start to feel
intoxicated. The question was based on a beer with a 4.5% alcohol by volume,
hen averaged the count of beers from each respondent by state to get to average
number of beers per state.

Alcohol.org also broke down each state based on the percentage of respondents who
felt drunk after one beer. Michigan lead the way at 12.0% who said they felt drunk
after one beer, only higher than Maine (11.5%), North Dakota (11.8%) and Wisconsin
(11.8%). Montana had the highest percentage at 38%.

The actual fact of the matter is that physiology affects alcohol’s effect on people. Age,
drinking experience, fitness level, being on medical prescriptions and even genetics all
impact how you process alcohol. The most common factors are:

  Body weight: Weight is a big factor in how much alcohol is too much. A 250-pound
man has a much higher consumption limit than one who is 150 pounds.
  Metabolization: How quickly someone metabolizes food and sugar can mean
processing booze better, faster or slower. There’s no way to know what your
metabolization rate is. It’s something you learn from experience.


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