Kellogg Cereal Beer
Beer For Gamers
Miller Lite showed its support for the
combination of beer and gaming by creating the
ultimate way to enjoy the two counterparts. The
Milwaukee-based company has just announced
a new device that can be a gaming controller or
a can of beer, depending on your mood.
It's called the Cantroller (get it?).

"We built a foundational relationship with the
gaming community by introducing ourselves
with coolers filled with Miller Lite,” said Anup
Shah, vice president for the Miller Family of
Brands at MillerCoors.

The new gadget looks like a 12.oz. can of beer.
It comes with Bluetooth technology, haptic
feedback, standard gaming buttons and
connects wirelessly to multiple consoles and PC,
It also has a three-hour battery life and comes
filled with beer, of course.

You can use it just like you would a typical
gaming controller, just download games from
the internet, connect the Cantroller and you're
set, but it appears to be an limited release, at
least for now
 Watch the video HERE.
Beer for breakfast is now more socially acceptable thanks
to Seven Bro7hers Brewery, a Manchester, England-
based operation rolling out two new beers made with
Kellogg’s cereal. The cereal-packed brews are “Sling It
Out Stout,” made with Coco Pops (Cocoa Krispies); and
“Cast Off Pale Ale,” made with Rice Krispies, To make
the breakfast beers, Seven Bro7hers uses Rice Krispies
and Coco Pops in place of of malted barley in the
brewing process. In the case of Cast Off Pale Ale, Corn
Flakes were used in place of wheat.

Seven Bro7hers isn’t the only brewery using Saturday
morning favorites in their beer recipes. Smartmouth
Brewing in Norfolk, VA released an IPA inspired by
Lucky Charms in February 2019; and DuClaw Brewing
of Baltimore, MD announced a sour ale with fruity
pebbles in March 2019.  Other sweet combos on the
market have included a Carvel partnership with Captain
Lawrence Brewing of Elmsford, NY to make three ice-
cream-cake-flavored beers: Fudgie the Beer, which is
back this summer; Cookie Puss Birthday Beer; and
Cookie O’Puss St. Patrick’s Day Stout. IHOP released a
beer infused with its pumpkin spiced pancake mix in
partnership with Keegan Ales of Kingston, N.Y.. And
Planters released Mr. IPA-Nut, a peanut IPA, with
London’s Deviant & Dandy’s brewery late last year.
Texas Allows Beer-The Texas Senate passed a bill that includes an
amendment allowing local breweries to sell cans and bottles and growlers from their
taprooms. Texas was the only state where that practice is banned

High Tech Search - Crews have started using radar technology to search for Civil
War-era beer cellars that could be hidden under downtown Nashville, Tennessee. It is
some of the first archaeological research for breweries in the United States

Cheesy- Beer with cheese are natural pairings due to beer’s carbonation and
cheese’s salt. Yet artisan cheese sales pale, so to speak, in comparison to craft beer’
s numbers. According to the American Cheese Society, artisan cheese sales in
America total about $4 billion with steady 15 percent growth

All Aboard - The Napa Valley Wine Train is famous for its incredible winery
tours, day trips, and events throughout the year. But it’s not just for wine lovers.
For the second year in a row, the Napa Valley Wine Train is hosting trips known as
the Hop Train. Tickets start at $79.99 per person

Beer Movie - Poured in Pennsylvania, the feature-length doc is now streaming
on the Amazon Prime service, courtesy of  production company GK Visual. The
film, explores Pennsylvania's’s brew-laden past, present, and future .
Corona Discount

Constellation Brands is cutting prices on cases of Corona Extra, Corona Light, and
Corona Premier cans by around $2. The discount is expected to run through at least
July, bringing retail prices to around $23–$24 per case or $13–$14 per 12-pack,
depending on location.  Annually, the entire Corona portfolio has been doing fine,
growing by an average of 8% in grocery, convenience, and other stores from 2015–
2018. But a glance at individual brands suggests that something is changing for Corona.

As has been the case for some of the world’s largest beer companies, Corona’s flagship
brand, Corona Extra, took a hit in the U.S. in 2018. After steady growth from 2014–
2017 in IRI stores, Corona Extra lost 2% in volume sales in 2018 compared to the year
prior. For a brand synonymous with Mexican imports, Corona may have fallen victim to
flagship fatigue, but Constellation is making up for it with another strategy employed
by breweries big and small: brand extensions.

2018 turned into a big year for Corona Familiar, which is branded as a beer that
"tastes like Corona Extra, but with a richer flavor." The brand certainly had an
enrichening impact on Corona's bottom line: it jumped from $92.3 million in sales in
2017 to just under $217 million in the last 12 months.

Over the course of a year, Corona Premier’s sales were even more meaningful.
Launched to compete with Michelob Ultra (along with a variety of other brands from
Big Beer and craft), Premier is a 90-calorie, low-carb extension that raked in $155.3
million in stores in 2018. Through June 12 of this year, it had already sold $59.3 million.
Continuing this trend, 2019 will see the launch of Corona Refresca, a “premium alcohol-
spiked refresher” that sits in the ever-growing flavored malt beverage category.


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