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Best Ale in Cans
Turbo Taps
Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams and the person
voted as having done more for the craft brewing
industry than any other, recently issued a "Beer
Drinkers' Bill of Rights" which stated that "beers shall
be offered in bottles,not cans, so that no brew is
jeopardized with the taste of metal."  Tasters from the
NY Times strongly disagreed when they recently
picked Dale's Pale Ale, which comes in cans, as the
top pale in the USA.

Subjective judging aside, scientific research seems to
prove that Jim Koch is wrong - cans do not give a
metallic taste.

If your beer has a metallic taste profile, a
characteristic tinny sensation like sucking on a rusty
nail, it is most likely caused by high concentrations of
iron in the brewing water, not the can.  The hydrolysis
of lipids in malts that have been improperly stored or
imcomplete cleaning of stainless steel brewing tanks
can also add a metallic taste to beer.

Cans protect the beer from the hazards of light and
offer the added benefit of having minimal exposure to
dissolved oxygen - enhancing freshness and
preserving the brewer's creative work.
The newly perfectedTurboTap
pours a 16-ounce glass in 2.5
seconds, compared to 8
seconds from other beer taps.
More than 1,000 bars in the
Chicago area, as well as both
Chicago baseball stadiums,
have begun using TurboTap.

The secret is a nozzle that
slows the descent of the beer
and reduces the force of its
impact. That means less
foam, allowing bartenders to
pour faster.

TurboTap has some
competition. SHURflo, a
California company makes an
electronic beer pump that  
can pour 20 ounces of beer in
two seconds.  It also allows
bartenders to adjust the size
of the beer's head and
automatically monitor the
volume of each cup poured.  
However they cannot match
TurboTap's lease price of $99
per year.
Good Drivers Get Beer In Hungary - Driving while drinking will take on a
new meaning in parts of Hungary where police give out beer to reward good
drivers.  Two counties in northern Hungary will hand out beer to drivers, selected at
random, who are not only driving safely but have all of their car paperwork in
order.  There is a catch however.  The beer will be non-alcoholic.  The program is
supposed to promote the use of non-alcoholic beverages to lower the drunk
driving rate.

Sunday Beer in PA -  Pennsylvania  Gov. Edward Rendell has just signed into
law a bill that allows distributors to sell beer and malted beverages from noon to 5
PM on Sunday.  "This law will create opportunities for business growth while
mirroring the beer sale practices of other states," Rendell said.  The law goes into
effect in late September.

Stop Smoking Beer -  A German company has launched a beer, NicoShot, it
claims is designed to help drinkers stop smoking. For most smokers, three cans of
NicoShot is comparable to an entire pack of conventional cigarettes. Best of all,
there's none of the tar or carbon monoxide that comes from burning tobacco.
Similar to nicotine gum, NicoShot is considered nicotine replacement therapy that
provides a steady, controlled release of nicotine.
21 Year Pub Crawl

Stuart Ashby celebrated completing an amazing 21-year pub
crawl yesterday - by having another drink.  Mr. Ashby, 55,
has visited 5054 pubs across Britain in the last two decades.

The crawl started when Ashby came across the  
1984 Good Beer Guide to the UK and he vowed to have a beer
in every bar listed .  When he finally enjoyed a bottle of ale
in his last stop, The Lamb Inn in Pagham, Sussex, Stuart
his journey was completed.

After having an additional pint to celebrate his achievement,  
Mr. Ashby revealed he intends to keep going. He said: 'I have
the 1987 guide and there are quite a few pubs listed I have not
been to. As long as my legs and liver do not pack up, I'm
carrying on. This is a landmark, I have reached my aim
and I don't intend stopping.'

A former railway worker, Stuart, of Shoreham-by-Sea, West
Sussex, is believed to have downed more than 7500 drinks.

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