UK Women And Beer
New Tax Law & Brewers
The recently enacted  “Craft Beverage
Modernization and Tax Reform” act which
expires at the end of 2019, provides tax relief
for all beer producers, but more so for smaller
breweries than the large companies stocked in
all supermarkets (the same goes for wine
producers). Does this mean your beer will be
cheaper? Alas, no. But it does mean your
options at local stores will grow, as more craft
breweries use the tax break to reinvest profits in
their companies.The bill cuts the federal excise
tax in half for the first 60,000 barrels for
domestic brewers (from $7 to $3.50 per barrel)
who produce less than 2 million barrels
annually. For all other brewers, the tax was
reduced to $16 per barrel from $18 for the first
six million barrels, and remained at $18 per
barrel for all others.
That’s a significant increase in margins: for
every 10,000 barrels shipped, brewers will save
$35,000, There are about 13 cases per barrel
More UK women than ever are drinking beer at home,
choosing pints over wine or spirits as they relax in the
evening, according to a recent study.Almost a third of
women said they choose to drink beer at home,
compared to just three % 5years ago.When out at the pub
or in a bar, they are more likely to drink beer if they are
out with female friends rather than male.

The report also found that far fewer women drink beer
than men; with only one in six choosing the beverage at
least once a week compared to more than half of men.

The survey, revealed that the UK has one of the lowest
percentages of female beer drinkers in the world, It cited
outdated, “sexist” marketing, fear of developing a “beer
belly” and negative perceptions about flavour as why.

A fifth of women said the high calorie content was one
of the main reasons they avoided beer whilst almost a
third said they feared “being judged by others”.
Free Beer - Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay(FL) may be the best place to refresh
yourself... as long as you're over 21.  Now through Aug. 5, park guests can get
two complimentary beers during each visit to Busch Gardens with park admission.
Beers in the rotation include Bud Light, Founders All Day IPA, M.I.A 305, Miller
Light, Shock Top and Yuengling.  You knew there was a catch.

Pizza Hut Delivers Beer-- Pizza Hut is launching a pilot program for 100
stores across California and Arizona that will allow customers to get delivery of hot
pizza and cold beer.  The pilot program comes in partnership with MillerCoors, so
the beer selection is limited to six packs of Coors Light, Blue Moon and Miller Lite.

Coors Tanks -  Molson Coors, owners of Coors Light, Miller Lite, Molson
Canadian and Blue Moon, reported a surprise drop in beer sales in all its major
markets — the US Canada and Europe so far in 2018.  Their stock fell nearly 13%
to its lowest level in four years

Special Olympics -  Maine brewery will debut a special beer for when the
Special Olympics torch passes through Kittery this month. The Kolsch-style "Torch
Runner" is being made in partnership with Woodland Farms Brewery. The
Portsmouth Herald reports all profits from the beer will go directly to the Maine
Special Olympics.

Beer Close By- In Charleston’s (SC)  “The Neck,” neighborhood seven
breweries have opened within a short distance of each other in just the last three
years,  It's a record for must breweries within a half mile of each other in the state.
China Embraces Craft Beer

“Panda Beer,” ‘’Little General,” ‘’Flying Fist IPA,” and “Mandarin Wheat” are among
the offerings on tap at a craft beer exhibition this week in Shanghai dedicated to
expanding the palette of Chinese consumers and promoting sales of high-end brews.

The 2018 Craft Beer of China Exhibition features breweries like Rasenburg Beer, Myth
Monkey Brewing, Lazy Taps, Goose Island and Boxing Cat Brewery that are sharing
tips on the latest technology and sales trends as Chinese shift from legacy brews to
more experimental, refined, and expensive flavors.

There’s money to be made in China, which drinks a quarter of all beer worldwide, and
small-batch brewers and giant multinationals are cashing in. Though craft beer is far
from upstaging local beer behemoths like Tsingtao that dominate the $28 billion
national beer market, it is rising in popularity as small breweries open up in China’s
major metropolitan areas like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

A couple of years ago, craft beer made up only 0.3 percent of total beer consumption.
It has since risen to about 5 percent, said Darren Guo, one of the exhibition’s organizers,
who expect to see 30 percent growth in the craft beer market every year until 2020

More money was spent on beer in China than the USA in 2017, according to beer
industry research firm Drink Sector. Craft breweries were “rapidly increasing” although
foreign imports continue to dominate the high-end beer sector.

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