Car Runs On Beer
Life After Baseball
Kevin Youkilis, an infielder who won two
World Series rings with the Boston Red Sox
during a 10-year Major League Baseball career,
wants to become known as much for his IPA
as his OBP (on-base percentage)
With several partners, including former Oakland
A’s infielder Nick Punto, Youkilis bought,
refurbished and reopened the iconic Los Gatos
Brewing Co. as the Loma Brewing Co. in San
Francisco. One year after Loma opened, it won
2017 California Commercial Beer Brewery of
the Year. Youkilis invested his own money into
Loma and spends five days a week at the
business, which brews about 600 barrels a
year. He hopes to establish a career that will
lead to commercial brewing and a life in the
beer business for himself and his family for
generations to come.Loma Brewing Co. is not
a shrine to Youkilis or his more famous
brother-in-law, New England Patriots
quarterback Tom Brady.
There are no photos on the walls. Youkilis did
not affix his name to the establishment.
Chemists from the University of Bristol have been trying
for many years to formulate a method of converting
ethanol into butanol.  Now with the help of beer they've
accomplished the impossible - made fuel for your car.

The gasoline currently sold is America typically 10 per
cent ethanol.  Ethanol has a low energy density, it mixes
too easily with water and unfortunately has the potential
to damage car engines. Butanol however is a far superior
fuel alternative, but is tricky to make from sustainable
sources. With this in mind, the scientists set to work
developing the technology to convert the ethanol found in
alcohol into butanol. Much to their delight, the scientists
ascertained that the catalyst used in that process could be
used to directly convert a part of beer into butanol.

“Turning beer into petrol was a bit of fun and whimsy
but it has a serious point,” said Professor Wass.
“Beer is actually an excellent model for the mixture of
chemicals we would need to use in a real industrial
process, so it shows this technology is one step closer
to reality.”  Who knows, in the future you just might
order a six pack for you and one for your car.
Misleading - Marble Beers in Manchester, England has been ordered by the
Trading Standards Bureau to change the name of their beer "Pint"after it began
selling the it in 500ml cans - 68ml less than a full pint.  The brewery has been
making Pint for a number of years but only now put it in cans.

New Record- UK's Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) says there are now 1,000
breweries in the UK - the highest figure for 70 years. 158 new breweries opened in
the past year alone, the highest number ever recorded.  There is now one
brewery for every 50 pubs in the UK. The increase has come against a backdrop
of continuing pub closures. Almost 10,000 pubs have closed in the past decade.

Blondes Surge -  Golden ales – also known as blonde ales – his the fastest
growing craft style.  It increased an astonishing 62 percent increase in 2016 and
an impressive 41 percent gain in 2017.  IPA is still the most popular style by far.

The Spirit of 76 -  Boston Beer Company's flagship brand is rolling out a brew
called Sam '76. It combines ale and lager yeast through a process that founder Jim
Koch dubs co-fermentation. The two beer styles start the brewing process
separately and are brought together before hops are added. The finished product
is then canned, not bottled. Sam Adams designed the beer to appeal to millennials.

Cold Beer Illegal- The Indiana Senate Public Policy Committee voted a bill
which would have permitted retailers to sell cold beer. Under current Indiana state
law, convenience stores can sell warm beer but selling the beverage cold is left to
the liquor stores exclusively.
Wait Times For Pliny The Younger

                Early February brings the very limited release of Russian River Brewing’s cult
fave, Pliny the Younger. If you don’t want to camp out in line the night before the Feb.
2 release, you’ll still have two weeks to get a taste of this year’s version of the highly
sought-after triple IPA.

Pliny the Younger will make his 14th Annual return to Russian River Brewing Company
February 2nd through February 15th, 2018! It will be available on draft each day at the
brewpub until they run out of that day’s allocation, which rarely happens.

Younger is neither bottled nor available in growlers so more people will have the
opportunity to enjoy it right from the source, or at a handful of select draft accounts.

Every year the majority of our issues come from the very long line of people waiting to
get in to the pub for 2 solid weeks (really, 2 weeks). In an effort to remain neighborly
and responsible business owners, the owners of Russian have posted signs politely
asking  everyone to "respect one another and our neighbors" .  

Russian River has made some positive changes this year which they hope will reduce
wait times and kept the line moving, albeit slowly, but they believe, better than years
past. There is now a 3 hour/3 Younger maximum to ensure that guests will get in
sooner. This new policy has cut wait times by up to 4 hours on the first weekend.
But customers are warned to still plan on waiting especially if they are coming on a
weekend when the wait can sometimes be up to 8 hours. And if it rains, as it generally
does in February, the pub will be forced to close the outdoor patio which reduces
available seating. TThe pub's capacity is 135 people (at least that's what the
sign on the wall says!).

Younger is served in a 10oz. glass with a maximum of 3 per person.  A wise person
might want to bring some friends who don't like beer.

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