Budweiser To Mars
Snickers Bar Beer
An Illinois brewery called Pollyanna Brewing
Company has created a new beer, called the
Fun Size Milk Stout, and it’s supposed to taste
exactly like a Snickers bar.

The market is already saturated with chocolate
flavored beer, and there is, of course, this beer
that is brewed with nothing but cocoa beans,
but it’s the specificity of this creation that
makes it so intriguing. Snickers, does, after all,
have a signature taste; the sweet chocolate and
caramel get a kick from the salty peanuts.
It’s really the ideal chocolate bar.

According to the brewery, the Fun Size beer is
a milk stout, and keeping in line with the
ingredients of the candy bar it was inspired by,
it’s brewed with lactose milk sugar, sticky oats,
peanuts, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and sea salt\
If you're worried about calories be careful this
beer along with many others have more than
215 calories — what you’d get from eating a
standard Snickers bar.
Budweiser made a bold announcement last spring when
the company said that when humans reach Mars, its beer
will also be there. The company that makes Budweiser is
following up on that ambitious goal by sending barley
seeds, one of the beer’s key ingredients, on a rocket to
the International Space Station — the first step in its
research on microgravity beer. Twenty barley seeds will
be sent to space aboard Space X’s cargo supply mission,
which will launch Dec. 4 from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Anheuser-Busch said it plans two experiments on the
International Space Station, which orbits at about 220
miles above the Earth. One is to analyze how the seeds
react once exposed to a zero-to-low gravity environment;
the other is to test if they would germinate.The seeds
would be in orbit for a month before they’re brought
back to Earth for analysis.

Growing hops on Mars would be difficult because
sunlight wouldn’t be nearly as abundant. Among other
challenges, the sun is 142 million miles away from Mars,
about 49 million miles more than the sun-to-Earth.
Big Beer-  Samuel Adams' Utopias (made every two years) has just been
released at $200 a bottle.  It was actually born from another Samuel Adams
creation — 1992's Triple Bock, the beer industry's first barrel aged beer.  In 1999
the beer morphed into "Millenium," and in 2002 it became Utopia at 27%ABV.

No Ads- Tito's Handmade Vodka is now the top-selling liquor at U.S. stores
ahead of Jack Daniel's Black Label—without a dollar of TV advertising. Beer
companies take note.

Sam Canned-  Boston Beer is betting on the humble can to boost sales with
the millennial crowd.  They plan to roll out multiple new beers in the next year,
including the SAM '76 and the Sam Adams New England IPA in cans.

America Flop -  Anheuser-Busch InBev, the owner of Budweiser, Bud Light
and Stella Artois, said that beer sales in the U.S. fell 5.6% in the third quarter.  a
sign that their push to brand Budweiser beer as "America" on bottles and cans
during what the company called its "American Summer" may have failed

Clown Shoes- The Mass Bay Brewing Company, brewers of Harpoon  
announced  its acquisition of Clown Shoes Brewing which was launched in 2009 in
Ipswich, Massachusetts,  In August 2014 Harpoon became an employee-owned
Myth Busted

The only reason breweries and distributors take so much time to make sure beer
stays cold is because beers age at different rates at different temperatures
(there are other myths around this, as well). So from the get-go, the beer you
are holding has gone through several temperature changes before it ends up in
your bottle, can or glass. And some beers should be served at warmer
temperatures — so what's up with that?

Anyway, if you have some beers in a cooler that's left in your car, and the ice
melts and the beer warms up — chill it back down. Throw more ice on it. That
beer is fine. Drink that beer. Don't pour it out.

Free Beer During NFL Game - Really

Packers fans at one Milwaukee-area brewery didn't have to pay for a single beer
on a recent Sunday during the game after the team was shut out by the Ravens.

The Bavarian Bierhaus restaurant and brewery offers a special during Packers
games: free beer until the green and gold scores.

The Packers lost to the Ravens 23-0 and fans were able to drink for free the
entire game.General Manager Scott Bell says around 200 people were packed into
his establishment during the game, and he and his staff served between 275-
300 cups of free beer. Some fans had more than others.

"Wisconsinites and Packers fans are at least somewhat responsible," Bell said.
Bell has no intentions of discontinuing the promotion, saying he believes the
green and gold will get things rolling.

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