Take A Hike
Is This Legal?
Lagunitas Brewing Co. last week released its
SuperCritical Ale, a hoppy beer that is brewed
with terpenes, aromatic compounds of essential
oils that are extracted from cannabis and hops.
The brew, however contains no THC, the
chemical that triggers psychoactive effects.
The collaboration is the latest example of
businesses outside the cannabis sector exploring
ways to take advantage of interest in marijuana,
which is legal for recreational use in CA.
California’s annual cannabis crop is worth $7
billion, making it the state’s most valuable
agricultural crop. Many companies are
exploring opportunities for the wine industry to
partner with cannabis producers. Already one
brand — Legion of Bloom — has introduced a
sparkling wine infused with terpenes from a
cannabis strain. That product also did not
contain THC.Lagunitas may have been a natural
partner; it has had a stoner-friendly vibe since
its founding in 1993. Its Undercover
Investigation Shut-Down Ale commemorates a
2005 St. Patrick’s Day raid by state ABC agents
to arrest employees smoking pot at the  plant..
Long Trail Brewing Co. has sued Burton Corporation on
claiming Burton is using the beer company's slogan on its
apparel. Long Trail, based in Bridgewater Corners,
Vermont, said it has a federal trademark for "Take a
Hike" for apparel, beer and a variety of other goods, such
as bumper stickers and keychains. It said in the lawsuit
that Burton was using the slogan without Long Trail's
consent and sought Burton's profits from that apparel or
some other amount deemed by the court and damages.

Vermont's 272-mile hiking trail was the inspiration for
the name of the beer company, which has a silhouette
of a backpack carrying hiker as a logo and has been
using the "Take a Hike" slogan since the early '90s."
As a result of Long Trail's efforts and the favorable
reputation garnered by Long Trail's products, the
trademark 'Take a Hike' has attained substantial goodwill
in the marketplace and has become a valuable trade
symbol of Long Trail itself, as well as its products
and services," the company said in its lawsuit.

Eventually, on advice of their attorneys Burton  agreed to
discontinue their use of 'Take a Hike' on its apparel,"
Big Deal- Nationally, the beer industry contributed over $350 billion, or nearly
1.9 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, to the economy in the last 12
months. Brewers and beer importers directly employed 64,745 Americans, with
about 58 % of brewing jobs linked to large and mid-sized companies.

Imports Win -  While the breweries that the Brewers Association considers
“craft” saw sales increase 6.2% last year, import sales rose 6.8% during that span.

Seaweed Ale -  Kelp was dubbed "the new kale" a few years back for its
oceanic flavors and purported health benefits. The seaweed is the star ingredient in
"Selkie," a beer made by Portsmouth Brewery on New Hampshire's seacoast

Craft China - The Chinese market, which is the world’s largest, is dominated by
mass-produced lager. But craft breweries are sprouting up around the country—
currently there are 168, up nearly threefold from 2015.

Expensive/Cheap - For the first time, Surrey has overtaken the London as
the most expensive area to buy a drink in Britain, with the average pint costing
£4.40.  Herefordshire and Yorkshire have the cheapest pints at £3.31.
The Pabst of Craft

What if you like the taste of mass-produced macro lagers like PBR and Coors, but you
don't want to buy those beers for some reason? If you find yourself caught up in this
conundrum, Dive Bar Brewing wants to be the people behind your new go-to brew.

The Denver brand that its Nice Dart American Lager to fit that need.  "We want to be
the PBR of the craft-beer industry," Tom Flanagan, who handles Dive Beers marketing
and is one of its founders  "We don't want people to focus on the beer they're
drinking… We want them to focus on the people they're hanging out with while they
are drinking the beer." Meanwhile, Jeff Martin, who handles the design, said things even
more bluntly: "We want to win over the person who says, 'F--k craft beer.'"


Beer Festival Canceled

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - officials have withheld a permit for the annual Better Beer
Festival, scheduled to be held in October. The decision was due to "political sensitivity"
in the mostly Muslim country, organizers say.  The authorities warned that "action will
be taken" in case the organizers attempt to defy the ban. However, the Monday
statement did not provide reasons for scrapping the festival, which has been held in
Kuala Lumpur since 2012.The "Better Beer Festival" was expected to draw some 6,000
visitors compared to around 200 guests at the 2012 event, according to Singapore-
based Strait Times. Earlier this month, right-wing politicians said that such events
might lead to criminal acts, rape, and sexual promiscuity. The festival would turn
Kuala Lumpur into the "largest vice center in Asia," said Riduan Mohd Nor, one of
the leaders of the conservative Pan-Malaysian Islamic faction

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