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Beer Strike
A group representing about half of England's pubs and
bars announced that it is ending all Happy Hour offers
and other deals that encourage drinking.

There are loopholes however.  Publicans can continue
to host and advertise Happy Hours as long as they
dont "spur people to drink too much, too quickly."  
Offers that invite customers to drink for free after
paying a fee are out but half price drinks are allowed if
its "done responsibility in conjunction with special food

Last month the government gave local police new
powers to ban drunks from pubs and close down
problem premises. Pubs would also be closed if found
serving alcohol to minors under 18 or to drunks.  The
main focus according to representatives of the Blair
Administration is to stop the culture of binge drinking.  

Many pub regulars blame the current culture of  
excessive drinking on the rigid 11 PM closing time
which, they say, prompts many to guzzle alcohol in
bursts of a few hours.  In response, new laws will come
into effect this Novemberallowing pubs to open any
hours they like.
Danish brewery workers have
gone on strike to keep the
right to drink beer on the job.

Workers at Harboe, a brewery
west of the Danish capital,
have begun a strike to protest
restrictions on where they
would be allowed to drink the
brewery's products.

The protest was caused by
management's decision to
restrict beer tasting to the
brewery's canteen and not in
the production or bottling

According to brewery rules
workers are allowed to drink six
beers daily.  The workers insist
that their drinking does not
cause accidents or lower
overall plant productivity.  
Stella is bock -  Interbrew is planning to resurrect Artois Bock, a 113 years old
beer that stopped being brewed in the 1950s. This summer’s launch will include a
2 million pound advertising campaign. Artois Bock was the forerunner of Stella Artois
and Interbrew hopes it will benefit from their heavy investment in the Stella brand.

Beer by Mail -   The Supreme Court recently ruled that states cannot
discriminate between in-state and out-of-state shipments of wine. The ruling is
expected to apply to beer as well, though at this point that has not been explicitly
stated. While states still have the option of barring all shipments, it is expected that
many will opt to open up the interstate beverage trade.

Time to Sell - It should have been a celebration when the very first
shareholders' meeting of the new Molson Coors Brewing Co. was held in Montreal
recently.  Instead, CEO Leo Kiely had to acknowledge that first quarter results for
2005 were disastrous.   Shares in the company promptly declined nearly 20%.

Happy Birthday Busch-  In 1955, August A. (Gussie) Busch, Jr. introduced
BUSCH Bavarian beer on national television - the first time a Busch family member
appeared in a TV commercial.  Anheuser-Busch, Inc. is commemorating this 50-
year milestone with commemorative cans and bottles that will be available May
through August.  In 1979, Anheuser-Busch dropped Bavarian from its name.  
BUSCH holds a noted place in Anheuser-Busch history as the first new brand after
the repeal of prohibition.
Dial 4 for Beer

A new franchise which delivers chilled alcohol to your door
throughout the night has just opened in Guildford, England.

Dial 4 Beer is proving a life-line for those wanting their
favourite tipple in the evening without the inconvenience of
leaving the house. The service is as easy as ordering a pizza
said company director, Rob Wells. The company now has
4,000 regular customers and there are possibilities of further
expansion into neighboring towns if the demand remains high.

Dial 4 Beer offers a range of beverages with Stella Artois and
white wine being the biggest sellers.Food such as pizzas and
burgers can be ordered with your beverage.

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