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Election Beer  For $1
The World of Beer chain of craft beer taverns
had very special Election Day promotion:
Every customer’s first beer only cost
$1 all day on November 8, 2016.

World of Beer has locations in 22 states —
most of which are east of the Mississippi.
All locations are participated in the drink deal.

The offer stipulated that customers could order
a “select beer,” for a buck, but not all brews
qualified for the special price. Customers  paid
regular prices after getting their first beer
Don'tthink that World of Beer was losing
money on the promotion.  Most people drank
more than one. The company continually
stressed the deal had nothing to do with how a
person voted or even if they voted since  that
would be illegal. Management said this first  
time promotion a was a success.
Researchers at the University of Manchester say they
have taken a step forward in the development of useful
quantum computers.  A team from the university has
shown that large molecules made of nickel and chromium
could store and process information in the same way
bytes do in standard digital computers. The research
showed that connecting these individual qubits doesn't
change this coherence time, describing the concept using
an analogy close to the heart of many of us - beer.

The report asks you to imagine you're in a pub and you're
trying to bring two pints of beer back to your friends,
but the pub is filled with customers who are singing,
jumping around, and dancing -- the coherence time is a
measure of how far you can get the beer without spilling
it." "You want the bar to be very well behaved and very
stationary so you can walk through the pub and get back
to the table, just like we want the qubits to be stable long
enough so we can store and manipulate information,"
said the lead researcher trying to explain the theory.
Unemployment-   Stone Brewing, the 20-year-old Calif.brewer, just laid off about
5%  of its 1,200 employees citing a less predictable business environment. The news
came right after the 30-year-old Redhook Brewery, said it was halving the number of
workers at its Woodinville brewery in Washington state

Borderline - Constellation's portfolio includes Corona Extra, Modelo Especial,
and Pacifico.  They are spending over $4.5 billion through 2021 to build a new,
state-of-the-art brewery near the California border to meet expected rising
demand in import beers.

Best in the USA-  Infogroup's Top Five Beer Cities for 2016 are 1. Portland,
Oregon; 2. Denver, Colorado; 3. Grand Rapids, Michigan; 4. Seattle, Washington;
5. Detroit, Michigan

Beer Freedom  -  New legislation that In PA now makes legal beer sales in any
size includingg individual 32-ounce bottles, four-packs, six-packs, and growlers.
Also bars can  sell alcohol starting at 9 a.m. on Sundays, consumers can legally
participate in beer-of-the-month clubs that ship beer to homes, and sporting
venues also could sell mixed drinks.  
Boston Beer Struggles Continue

Boston Beer shares are now half the price they were in early 2015, and
even at that price it doesn't look like a bargain, with the company's
most recent quarter showing another drop in beer shipments of 12%
and revenue falling 14% from the same quarter last year. Depletions, or
beer shipped from distributors to end consumers
or retailers, also fell 6% during the quarter.

The decreases were led by the Samuel Adams, Angry Orchard,and
Traveler beer brands. Partially offsetting craft drinkers' disinterest were
increases in the newer Twisted Tea and Truly Spiked & Sparkling brands.

The bad news comes on the heels of reported losses for the better part
of a year now.  Management recently stated that a review of brand
strategies is under way, as well as an increased focus on cutting costs.   
Boston Beer management has admitted that the explosion of small
competition is indicative of changing consumer trends. toward smaller
brewers in search of new and creative drinks.

Big non-craft companies have also noticed the changes in consumer
preference and have taken action. Consolidation had made major
acquisitions and Budweiser maker AB InBev completed its merger with
SABMiller and has also purchased eight craft brands in the past five
years. Not content with the mass market, AB InBev also recently
purchased DIY-brew supplier Northern Brewer.

Boston Beer management also attributes lost market share to  
tightening because of so many new craft brands in the marketplace
which is also augmented by the bigger brewers "crafty" products being
inserting them into existing distribution networks.

With the continuing interest in local consumption at taprooms,
brewpubs, and DIY homebrews. Boston Beer is stuck in the middle
of a two-front war, and it's currently losing.

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