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A British study has found that people who drink more
have a better chance of earning a higher salary than
non drinkers. The survey showed that being a
teetotaller could hinder your chances of promotion and
along with it a well earned pay raise.

The study surveyed 17,000 people born in Britain in
1958 and suggests that socializing with workmates and
colleagues leads to higher earnings, bonuses and
promotions. It could be that people who don't go for a
drink with their colleagues after work are not seen as
part of the gang, and this lack of 'social networking'
works against them when it comes to career
advancement.  And when you get that raise remember
to use the extra money to buy more beer!
Sales of homebrew kits in
Australia has more than
doubled due to a large
increase in taxation on beer.

The Australian Hotels
Association said there has
been a sharp decline in beer
sales in pubs since the
consumption tax hiked the
price of beer by 20%.  
A basic do it yourself kit
costs A$70 (about $35
American) and makes about
50 small bottles of beer
Red Sox Fans Drink Up - Beer is flowing freer than ever at the home of the
Boston Red Sox. Team officials tell Boston Sunday Globe that the volume of beer
sold at Fenway Park increased roughly 20 percent last year.

The team’s owners have added 16 new beer stands at Major League Baseball’s
oldest and smallest stadium.  The size of beer cups at Fenway also has increased by
a third, from 12 to 16 ounces.

Brewer Beats Purity Law -  A German court has upheld a brewer's
challenge to the country's centuries-old beer purity laws. The ruling means Helmut
Fritsche's Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle brewery can continue adding sugar syrup to its
dark brew and still call it "beer".  Mr Fritsche's brewery adheres to the
Reinheitsgebot purity law during fermentation. He argued that the purity law stifled
the creativity of small brewers and should be eased.

New Logo and Slogan - Miller revamped the logo on Milwaukee's Best and
plans to run humorous television spots for Milwaukee's Best Light saying "a man
should act like a man and a light beer should taste like a beer." It will be the first time
it will actively promote the low-price brand on television in nearly a decade. It is also
reviving its Girl in the Moon - an image that has been on bottles of its former
flagship beer High Life since 1907 - in advertisements, replacing the "High Life Man."
Mug Club Legends

Dan and Traudi Stranick have visited the Rock Bottom
Brewpub at the King of Prussia Mall (PA) every day except for
Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and an occassional  vacation
over the past three years.  They have recorded 1,000 visits in
which they have consumed an estimated 465 gallons of beer.

As members of the Rock Bottom Mug Club their purchases
and visits are tracked by computer and like all members they
receive perks that build up the more you visit.  Prizes range
from free pint glasses to T-shirts to cash back.

As a lasting tribute to their singular achievement the Rock
Bottom has given them engraved sliver place cards to
mark their seats at the bar.

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Drink More - Earn More
Drink More - Earn More