Bullish Beer
Beer Running
The Beer Mile World Classic and the FloTrack
Beer Mile World Championships—events where
elite runners drink four beers while running a
mile—was covered by ESPN and the Wall
Street Journal. Meanwhile, the beer mile is
becoming a popular group activity for average
folks.  Here's how to join the craze:
Well, obviously, practice running. If you’ve
never been a runner the key here is to start
small. You want to break a sweat, but you
don’t want to push yourself too hard.
Step 2 is equally obvious - drink beer.

If you made it to the second step, you’ve
completed the minimum requirements to
become a beer runner. You may find that you
enjoy your post-run craft beer more at this
stage than you did when you weren’t running.

Find a race and go for it.  The good news is
many races put as much emphasis on the post-
finish line party as they do on the course.
In a declining stock market investors remain bullish on
beer stocks. In part, breweries are attractive because of
the diverse revenue paths they have in accessing
consumers, Beyond just selling beer, most breweries
serve food, have an on-site retail presence and aim to
grow the distribution of their products to other bars,
restaurants and retail outlets.

Breweries also offer significantly higher margins than
traditional restaurants. Banks and investment firms are so
positiive about (craft breweries) because they’re using
the model that it’s a restaurant, but it’s a restaurant with
high margins. For example six dollar pint, costs about a
dollar to make. Overall breweries/brew pubs margins are
very strong compared to a straight restaurant.

51.5 % of the brewpubs and 76% of the microbreweries
that have opened since 1980 are still open (so failure rates
of 48.5 %and 24 % respectively). This is a remarkable
success story, far higher than rates for comparable
industries/new businesses.
Save Money- Alcohol laws vary by state but generally stores can’t charge a
membership fee for alcohol purchases so nonmembers can take advantage of the savings
at places like Costco and Sam's Club and buy their house brands.

Protein Drink-Yeasts usually get filtered out of commercial beers before
they're bottled, but they leave traces (and flavors) behind. A new study found that
beers contain a surprising variety of proteins: at least 62, 40 of which come from

Silicon -  A couple of beers can provide a healthy daily level of silicon, which is
important for bone health. Beers high in malted barley and hops had the most
silicon, with Pale Ales topping the list. Wheat beers and lagers are less silicon-rich

The Percentages- Beer is more popular among young people, with half of 18-
to 34-year-olds listing it as their top intoxicating beverage. Midwesterners are the
top beer-drinkers in the United States, but not by much. Forty-six % of
Midwesterners said beer was their favorite drink, compared with 42 %of
Easterners, 40 % of Westerners and 37 % of Southerners.
Goose Island Refunds

Goose Island is offering refunds for two of its renowned Bourbon
County beers due to “flavors that are not consistent with our
expectation of how these beers should taste,” the brewery said.
Both Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout and Bourbon County
Barleywine — two beers aged in wood barrels that previously held
bourbon — have developed unexpected flavors in the bottle, the
brewery said. After complaints Goose Island offered the refunds in a
statement just issued “All of our beer goes through a very thorough
quality oversight process including sensory and microbiology
programs,” Goose Island brewmaster Jared Jankoski said in the
statement. “This by no means is a guarantee of success especially with
barrel aged beers. Both of these beers have drifted out of their target
character thus leading us to provide refunds.”

Lagesse said the brewery doesn't yet know the cause of the off flavors,
but the issue is confined to the Coffee and Barleywine variants. Kegs of
both beers are believed to be unaffected, he said.  The brewery had no
inkling of affected bottles or off flavors when releasing the Bourbon
County lineup in  one of the nation's most celebrated beer releases.

Goose Island released its six 2015 Bourbon County beers to the usual
fervor and stampede on the day after Thanksgiving, with lines forming
12 hours before the beer went on sale. As usual, the bottles soon began
popping up on the black market with drastic markups.

But by early December, chatter began to spread: was Bourbon County
Brand Coffee Stout off? In a beer supposed to be thick and savory with
coffee, drinkers complained of sour notes and intense carbonation that
caused bottles to foam over upon opening.  Goose Island has been
ambitiously scaling up its barrel-aging program as it gains a broader
national reach under Anheuser-Busch ownership. Among the efforts has
included opening a massive new barrel warehouse.  Hmmm.....

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