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A Houston, Texas home decorated with thousands of
flattened beer cans has been saved thanks to an art
endowment.  Beer lover John Milkovisch attached the
cans to his hous over a 20- year period as an
alternative to more traditional home repair.
He also made beer can fences and garlands
to hang from his roof.

The home was becoming a nationally celebrated folk art
site when Mikovisch passed away in 1988 at the age of
75.  Since them the home has suffered years of decline.
A $125,000 grant from the Houston
Endowment for Visionary Art will help
restore the famous Beer House.
Guinness Challenged - Carlow Brewing Co.'s Cainhoy Stout has bested the
Goliath of all  Irish stouts, Guinness, in winning the Milennium Brewing Industry
International Awards' Gold Medal.  Their O'Hara Stout is imported directly to the US
from the brewery in Carlow County, Ireland and should soon be available
throughout the eastern US.

When asked to explain why his beer is better than Guinness, Carlow owner Sean
Wilbourne said that Guinness is brewed in 51 different countries and that the
version supplied to the US comes from Canada.  "When you have an Irish beer
that is not brewed in Ireland, you lose some of the authenticity.  Ours is real Irish

Less Calories, More Taste - A new campaign by the British Beer and Pub
Association is trying to get more weight worrying consumers to drink beer by
stressing that beer has less calories than wine, milk, or orange juice.

Beer Giving Boss Wins Trial -  Newcastle, UK.  A manager fired after
buying beer for his staff as a reward for their hard work is celebrating after a judge
rule he had been unfairly dismissed.

John Stilwell, 46, of Freightliner Ltd., sent four crane workers a case of John Smith's
bitter when upper management refused to give them a bonus for a highly
successful project.  Stilwell was awarded back pay and $5,000 in damages.
Rogue Ale Forced to
Remove Flag

Rogue Ales (Ore.) have been told to stop using the stars and
stripes on it's American Amber label.  The company was
ordered to also recall all flag bearing beer taps, pint glasses,
posters, and T-shirts.  And the company's red, white and blue
delivery truck will have to be repained.

The order came after an agent for the Alcohol and Tobacco
Tax and Trade Bureau visited the brewery and saw a delivery
truck with a flag painted on it.  US Colde, Title 4, Chapter 1,
Section 8 prohibits "the flag from being used for any
advertising purposes whatsoever."

The beer maker has used the flag logo for nearly 15 years on
its products.  A US Treasury Department spokesman said the
code was meant, in part, to keep consumers from thinking that
the government endorses products.

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