Sam Goes Nitro
Whopper Bar
Burger King is taking its Whopper and beer
concept to the United Kingdom.

The fast food chain has applied to sell alcohol at
four branches from 10am to 11pm, seven days
a week.  The Whopper Bar, as it is known, will
feature some of America’s favorite beers in
plastic bottles, which will not be allowed to
leave the premises.

In 2010, Burger King opened its first Whopper
Bars in the U.S. in locations such as Miami
Beach, Times Square, and Memphis, and has a
handful of international locations in Spain,
Venezuela, and Singapore.
And despite the U.K.’s long-standing pub
culture, the chain believes that Whooper Bar
concept will work there. The company has
applied for alcohol licenses at U.K. locations in
Newcastle- under-Lyme, Blackpool, Hull and
Bury St. Edmunds.
While most beers rely on carbon dioxide for fizz and
flavor, nitro beer is infused with nitrogen gas, which
results in smaller bubbles and a smoother, creamier beer.
Many beer drinkers are already familiar with cans and
bottles using plastic nitro widgets, thanks to the Diageo-
owned Guinness brand and its iconic stout. That uses
nitrogen-filled widgets to release the gas when the
beer is opened, resulting in a "hiss."

Nitrogenated beer will get further exposure when Samuel
Adams unveils a new line of nitro beers in early 2016.
The move is more than just adding another beer to the
company’s substantial lineup. It involves the different
type of canning system and substantial investment by the
company. As a result, this will be a national, rather than a
regional rollout. The nitro beers will be released in 15.2-
ounce cans.
Guinness unveiled its first-generation widget can in
1989.   Longmont, Colorado-based Left Hand Brewing
unveiled a nitro milk stout in 2011, the first American
craft brewer to bottle a nitrogren beer.
Ballast Sellout-   Beer distributor Constellation Brands set the alcoholic
beverage industry buzzing when it announced ait will acquire Ballast Point Brewing
for $1.0 billion.

Brewer to Editor-  Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head fame is executive editor of
Pallet, a new quarterly aimed at people who,  "like to think and drink." While the
magazine is aimed squarely at craft beer lovers, it's not mainly a beer magazine.

Taxes Up -  Ontarians' (Canada) provincial tax on beer is up 3 cents per litre,
the first of four planned hikes through 2018. The government expects to raise
$100 million a year. The first hike boosted the cost of a 24-pack by about 25 cents.

NFL Beer- Bud Light will stay on as the NFL's official beer sponsor through the
2021-2022 season as part of a new deal with the league that gives
Anheuser-Busch InBev expanded marketing rights including rights to use actual
game footage involving current players in TV ads.
Beer Is An Aphrodisiac

While beer is well know for its many health benefits few realize that it
can  boost your sexual performance  Here's how and why:

1. It makes you last longer. The phytoestrogens in beer can help delay
premature ejaculation. As women often take longer to arrive at the party,
this isn't just great news for men, who often show up early.

2. Dark brews can help get you in the mood. You know about mood
lighting— now discover the glorious benefits of mood beer. Apparently,
darker beers contain more iron than pale ones, increasing both red blood
cells and overall circulation. These are two vital building blocks to erections.

3. Beer increases stamina. Research at at Italy’s Fondazione di Ricerca e
Cura showed that men who downed a pint a day were 31% less likely to
suffer from heart issues, giving credence to the belief that beer is good for
heart health. Combined with exercise, it could increase cardio endurance.

4. Stouts like Guinness are great for stomach issues. Guinness is surprisingly
low in calories and alcohol content, but it is also rich in vitamins and
minerals, especially vitamin B and probiotics. “This means it can help fortify
your overall health which means better sex,.

5. There's even a beer specifically engineered to enhance performance -50
Shades of Green is like green juice and Viagra combined. It "uses ginseng,
ginkgo biloba and damiana to achieve increased sexual desire, blood flow and
nerve stimulation,” according to its label.

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