GABF Report
Beer At Work
Most employees can’t wait to get to the pub on
a Friday. But some don’t have to – because
beer is supplied at the office in fridges packed
with unlimited cans, or provided free on tap
according to a  new coalition of 13 UK firms.

While workers get the advantage of a free tipple
or two, the firms' management are hoping that
the free beer will boost morale and trust on their
employee teams.

According to a group statement just released:
"Work drinks also provide a space for
employees to let off steam and relate to those
they work with on a social, rather than
professional level. Neuroscience shows that our
brains are hardwired to connect with others if
we spend time with them. It can be to
employers’ benefit to foster positive
relationships in a team publicity and attention."
GABF isn’t a cheap ticket. The retail price of each one
was $80, but once you’re in, you’ve got 4.5 hours to
choose from 3,500 different beers. Some may require
longer waits than others, but you’re free to have as much
as you’d like – one ounce at a time, of course.

Scalpers were asking more than $500 per ticket in the
weeks leading up to the Great American Beer Festival,
but as the show got underway, there was a liquidation
sale on the street – though, as with any major event, a
fair number of those were likely counterfeit and the
festival had very prominent signage warning people
not to buy from brokers.

GABF attendees drink their beers in one-ounce samples –
and pouring each one from a tap makes no sense.
Brewers keep pitchers filled with their offerings to keep
the lines moving. It helps. With very some exceptions,
you’ll wait no more than 5 minutes for a beer.
Not Just Root Beer-   Small Town Brewery, maker of the hit Not Your Father’
s Root Beer, is expanding its line with Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie, Not Your Mom’s
French Toast and Not Your Mom’s Strawberry Rhubarb.

Breweries Everywhere-  The majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a
local brewery,according to the Brewery Association.  They expect that percentage
i to climb significantly by the end of next year.

Want a Ticket?-  GABF isn’t a cheap ticket. The retail price of each one was
$80, but once you’re in, you’ve got 4.5 hours to choose from 3,500 different
beers in one ounce pours.  Scalpers were asking $500 at ticket.

It's Legal- Contrary to public belief there is no regulation by the Federal
Communications Commission disallowing broadcast TV networks from showing
someone actually consuming alcohol.  The  networks have taken it  upon
themselves to avoid showing it ostensibly to avoid upsetting sponsors or viewers.
Losing Is Winning

An Orlando, Florida, bar that used to be packed with UCF fans on football
Saturdays has seen its business dwindle as the Knights have gotten off to an
uncharacteristic 0-8 start. So the establishment, called The Basement, is
getting the attention of the locals by announcing it will be giving beer away
for free during the team's games until the Knights win.

"We have taken great pride in the team and we very much consider
ourselves a UCF bar, as we're operated and staffed by graduates and
even some current students," said Jake Whitacre, the bar's marketing
director who graduated from the school in 2012.  The hope for the bar,
financially speaking, is to have the crowd pay for premium alcohol and
food while cheering on the team, In 2011 and 2012, a Miami bar gained
nationwide publicity by paying patrons who were in the bar during Heat
games $25 every time they stayed for the game and the Heat lost. In the
first year, the bar lost more than $97,000 in retail business from the
promotion, but gained much more than that in publicity and attention.

Now another organization has joined the free until a win bandwagon
supporting the Knights, who went 31-9 from 2012-2014, and now
are having one of the worst seasons in their history.  And it's a perfect match
to the free beer at The Basement.  Yes no matter how diligently fans want to
drown their sorrows they can do it safely since Uber has stepped in to help.
The transportation network is offering free rides to first time users with
the code, "KNIGHTSWIN" when they sign up.

While we wish the football well it's not a stretch to imagine there are quite a
few people in the Orlando area who hope they have a winless season.

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