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Serious Can Opener
Draft Top is the world's first bar tool designed
to safely remove the top of aluminum beverage
cans. Many consider cans to be the ideal
vessels for maintaining the integrity of the beer
because they prevent oxygen and light from
reaching the brew. However, when opened,
their small mouth doesn't allow the beer’s
aroma to be enjoyed, essentially cutting out a
major part of your flavor senses. Hence the
perception that beer in cans tastes like
aluminum. By removing the top, this device
releases the flavor and improves the overall
experience of each can.  An additional bonus is
that you can take it where glass is not allowed.

Draft Top works by displacing four splitters on
the bottom of the device, outwards to the inside
rim of the can. The splitters then separate the
top from the rim by folding the aluminum into
itself. Draft Top is able to remove the top of
8oz-16oz cans. Checkit out on kickstart.
Brewmaster Matt Brynildson and his brewing team at
Firestone Walker Brewing Company continue to spin
gold, earning “Mid-Size Brewing Company and Mid-Size
Brewer of The Year” honors once again at the 2015
Great American Beer Festival recently held in Denver,CO.

This is the fourth time in less than 10 years that Firestone
Walker has earned this distinction at the GABF, now
matching the brewery’s record as a four-time recipient of
the Champion Mid-Size Brewing Company award at the
World Beer Cup competition.. Firestone Walker has also
earned top honors at the past three European Beer events.

At the 2015 GABF the brewery’s Pivo Pils and DBA each
earned gold medals in their respective categories for the
third time, including three in a row for Pivo since its
inception in 2013. Hammersmith IPA earned a bronze
medal. Feral One and Sour Opal from Firestone Walker’s
Barrelworks also earned silver and bronze medals.
Victory Donates-  A portion of every Headwaters Ale sold in cans, bottles or
on tap will be donated to the Headwaters Grant to help fund watershed
stewardship groups. Over the next year Victory endeavors to raise $25,000.

Big Seller Over There-  Exports of US craft beer rose by 72% last year with
Canada, the UK and Sweden making up the largest international markets.

Do you care?- Fox News/VinePair reported a "ultimate beer taste test ranking
of American's best selling beers.  Here are their top 5 : 1. Heineken - "“This is what
beer should taste like.”; 2. Michelob Ultra - “It tastes like beer.”; 3. Miller Light -
“Easy to get down”; 4. Extra - "distinctive taste"; 5. Coors Light - "sweet and
tasted like home".

Paterno Beer- Sales of beer with the late Penn State football coach Joe
Paterno's name on it are so brisk that Duquesne Brewing, is gearing up for a
second run after just a week on the shelves. Close to a million cans have been sold
plus 3,000 barrels mainly  in PA and NJ.
That's Really BIG

Anheuser-Busch InBev has formally announced plans to takeover SABMiller,
in a transaction that would consolidate roughly one-third of the world’s beer
supply under the parasol of a single manufacturer. Regardless, such a deal
will undoubtedly draw the eye of the U.S. Department of Justice, which
could force brand divestments in accordance with anti-trust laws.

A-B InBev would likely be forced to divest its interest in MillerCoors
(a joint venture between SABMiller and Molson Coors), which would
allow Molson Coors to acquire the 58 percent of the joint venture that is
currently owned by SABMiller.

The acquisition of the outstanding stake would occur in two parts: upon a
change of control, Molson Coors would be guaranteed the right to purchase
8 percent of the joint venture. A purchase price would be set by a group of
investment banks and the company would secure permanent management
control of MillerCoors. Molson Coors would then be allowed to make the
first and last offer for the remaining 50 percent.

Per U.K. law, A-B InBev now has until October 14 to make an official offer.

A merger between the world's two biggest brewers will create a company
with a market capitalization of 177 billion pounds and about 400 brands that
include Foster's, Corona and Stella Artois. The merger will give prominent
AB InBev brands access to new markets through the extensive global
presence of SABMiller in different countries, especially in high growth
potential markets such as Africa and China.

The companies, when combined, are expected to achieve more than $2 billion
in synergies and cost saving through unified services and the removal of job
redundancies.  AB InBev will have to a pay a premium to SABMiller
shareholders, which may be as high as 30%. This raises the question of
whether the synergies from the merger will be high enough to justify such a
high cost of acquisition. The market certainly thinks so; in anticipation of the
merger, SABMiller’s stock price has increased over 25%.

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