Trader Joe's Beer
King vs Queen
Budweiser has long been known as the "King of
Beers," and Anheuser-Busch is taking exception
to a craft brewer declaring itself holder of the
"Queen of Beer" crown.  She Beverage Co. of
Lancaster, California, applied to register "The
Queen of Beer" phrase with the U.S. Patent
and Trademark Office,  

Anheuser-Busch argument is that "Queen of
Beer" is too similar to "King of Beers" and that
consumers might wrongly believe She Beverage
beers are made by Anheuser-Busch.  
She Beverage uses the "Queen of Beer" phrase
in marketing,social media and on its website.

Anheuser-Busch, in its opposition filing, argued
that the patent office's Trademark Trial and
Appeal Board previously ruled in its favor
against another company that sought to
trademark "Queen of Beers
All Trader Joe's beers are made by contract brewing.  
Contract brewing is when a brewery produces house-
brand brews for a restaurant or bar. Many of Trader
Joe’s beers are exclusive to their stores, produced by
contract breweries including Golden Road Brewing,
Minhas Craft Brewery, Gordon Biersch, Shipyard
Brewing Company, and Tecate’s Cervecería Mexicana.

Their very popular Mission St. India Pale Ale is back on
the shelf, but there’s new packaging and a new price:
$6.99, or a buck upcharge on this former best buy. It is
being made by Unita Brewing Co.  Unita is located in
Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Ironically, more than 60 percent of Utah’s population
identifies as members of the Mormon faith, a religion that
prohibits consumption of alcohol. But while Uinta's
headquarters are located just four miles from the world's
largest Mormon temple, the company has been steadily
growing since its founding in 1993.
Wheaties Beer-  Wheaties, the breakfast of champions, has partnered with
Fulton brewery in Minneapolis, to create a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer named
HefeWheaties. HefeWheaties is now available  but only for limited time.

Holy Beer-  A New Jersey brewery is releasing a beer to commemorate Pope
Francis' visit to Philadelphia next month.  Cape May Brewing Co. is making 500
gallons of YOPO, or "You Only Pope Once." The pope-inspired beer is a hoppy pale
ale with 5.5 percent alcohol content

Imports Soar- Sale of imported beers rose 6.9% in the past twelve months
which is equal to the amount of all craft beer sold from supermarket and
convenience store shelves combined.

Joga Beer- Yoga giant Lululemon is entering the craft beer game  with Curiosity
Lager, made by Vancouver's Stanley Park Brewing. Curiosity Lager is described as
a "crisp, bold session lager" with a "citrus hop nose" and 4.6 per cent alcohol by
volume.  It is the first ever sanctioned "yoga beer".  If they say so.......
Great Beer Town - Buffalo, NY
by Dan Hodge

This may just be the best beer drinking town in the USA.! I have previously
expounded on the shot and beer joints/corner taprooms that are so prevalent
in the Queen City in my
Beer My Way columns  here on BeerNexus, but this
town has transformed into craft beer in  a HUGE way

Tonight I'm sitting with my daughter and her boyfriend in the Big Ditch
Brewpub in downtown Buffalo, which makes GREAT beer at reasonable
prices. They have great big garage doors which they open or keep closed
according to the weather. Tonight they were open and while we were sitting
enjoying a pint of Hayburner IPA, a conveyance with twelve or fifteen people
pedaling stopped in front of us,disembarked and ran into the pub ordering
pints before they raced to the bathroom. The vehicle had signs labeling it
as the "Buffalo Brew Pedaling Tour".

Shortly after their departure another, similar conveyance showed up, this
made up like an old fashioned trolley, and discharged it's tipsy pedalers who
were all in need of immediate relief/refreshment and relief. I questioned one
of the disembarkers as to the itinerary of his trip and was told that the
pedalers were to hit the Flying Bison Brewery, Resurgence Brewing
Company, Big Ditch and one other stop. This remember, on a THURSDAY
night. Not Friday or Saturday, where more normal folks would engage in
something like this. THURSDAY, when everybody other than Buffalonians
has to work the next morning.

BTW: local news has it that the descendants of William Simon, brewer of
Simon Pure Beer & Ale, will soon be offering a resurrected version of Simon
Pure back into the Western NY area.  Ah, I remember that beer well.  Good
stuff for sure. Tomorrow my daughter is taking me to the Buffalo Bison's
ballgame for the Friday night special which includes game,fireworks, and
three dollar pints of various Flying Bison brews. Let's go Bisons!

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