Pabst Gets Real Brewery
Venezuela Out of Beer
Venezuela is facing the prospect of a national
beer shortage because of striking workers at
two breweries.Unions linked to President
Nicolas Maduro have forced the closure over
a pay dispute with the brewer Polar.
The company makes up to 80% of Venezuela's
beer. Half of their breweries are now shut, with
others already running at reduced capacity.

For the past years there have been shortages of
milk, toilet paper and medicines in Venezuela.
In previous disputes, the government has
threatened to nationalise Polar. Workers are
striking at Polar's breweries in Caracas and
Anzoategui state, as well as at 16 locations.

The striking unions say that pay is at the heart
of the dispute.Venezuela is suffering 615%
inflation, The country also has one of the
world's highest homicide rates. So, you might
say Venezuelans could use a drink.
Pabst, brewer of the PBR so beloved by today's
hipsters, is returning to its original Milwaukee location.
Pabst Brewing Company will open a new brewery on
the site of its former home in summer 2016.   Beer lovers
will be able to visit the complex for tours, to check out
historical memorabilia – and, most important, to taste
the beer.  The original Pabst Milwaukee brewery shut
down in 1996 after the owner of the much-sold
company at the time, S&P Co., contracted out
production to Stroh Brewery Company's facility in
La Crosse, Wis. The shutdown ended 152 years of Pabst
production in Milwaukee.  Brewers will also
make pre-prohibition brands such as Old Tankard Ale,
Kloster Beer, Bock and Andeker,

Pabst started brewing PBR in Milwaukee again — not at
the original site — in 2001 when its owners contracted
the production out to Miller Brewing Company's
Milwaukee plant.  Until the brewery opens all Pabst
products will continue to be contract brewed.
Beer Helps Economy-  The U.S. beer industry contributed $253 billion to the
American economy and supported 1.75 million jobs in 2014

Georgia Reform-  For the first time breweries in Georgia finally be able to sell
beer to customers. Technically, they’ll sell tours of the brewery – and patrons can
then enjoy up to 36 ounces of free beer on site or take home up to 72 oz. as a

Controversial Beer- The Duquesne Brewing Company is making a beer
honoring the late Penn State football coach. The Vienna-style lager will be available
in mid-August in 12-oz. cans featuring Paterno's image and accomplishments but
will not mention his involvement in the scandal that forced his retirement.

Jellyfish Beer Bong-  For $10.99, you get an inflatable plastic beer bong that
comes in the shape of a Jellyfish. Unfortunately, it only has one funnel for beer
flow.  Available online, it's one of the big sellers for college summer fun seekers.
World Beer Prices

Geneva has the highest average beer price, but Hong Kong’s bars rank
as the most expensive. A beer there will set you back $10.86 on average. The
cheapest can be found in Bratislava at just $2.22.

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