Fake Rhino Beer
Hydrate With Beer
In a recent study, 16 physically active men ran
on a treadmill for an hour in a heated room,
then either drank water or 660 milliliters of beer
(about two cans) with a 4.5% ABV. The result:
A moderate amount of beer after exercise didn’t
adversely affect these young athletes’ recovery.
In fact the beer proved just as effective as
water in aiding recovery from excerise.
“We found that this amount of beer is as

Nonalcoholic beer may be even a better option
for athletes. A study of marathon runners by
Medicine & Science Journal found that those
who drank two to three pints of nonalcoholic
beer after running in the weeks leading up to
and after a marathon were less likely than those
who drank a placebo beverage to suffer
respiratory ailments and  inflammations.,
Researchers postulated  the cause may be a
result of the rich mix of polyphenols in beer
(with or without alcohol).

A San Francisco biotech startup has an unusual solution
to Africa's rhinoceros poaching problem: Flood the
market with synthetic rhino horn.

Biotech firm Pembient has created a fake rhino horn
that is genetically identical to the real thing by using the
protein keratin and small amount of rhino DNA.
From this chemical reaction, the company can produce
a dried powder that is then 3-D printed into a horn-
looking object. As part of its first major initiative to
help curb rhino poaching,

Pembient is partnering with one of Beijing’s largest
brewers to create a beer brewed with the faux rhino horn
powder. Rhino beer is consumed as a hangover cure in
China and  rhino horn is thought to have beauty
enhancing properties and ability to counteract
impotency. It’s more valuable than cocaine or gold
with a single ounce fetching up to $5,000.
Inflation-  UK - Craft beer is on a roll. This week, the Office of National Statistics
announced that, along with e-cigarettes, craft beer has been added to the basket
of goods that are used to calculate the rate of inflation.

Kayaking and Beer-  How many places are there in the U.S. where can
someone paddle a kayak between six different breweries? Well, there's at least one.
It's Traverse City. Their drinking - paddling  informal gathering organized 5 times in
the summer with over 1,500 participants in each event.

Taco Bell Beer- Taco Bell  will serve beer, wine and “mixed alcohol freezes” at a
new location in Chicago this summer. The chain, says the restaurant design
planned for Chicago has already been tested in South Korea, Japan and Britain.

Main Top State- There are more than 60 breweries in Maine, a state with a
population of just 1.3 million. That the best per capita in the USA.
Prince of Low Price Brews

When Mark Hellendrung bought the Narragansett beer company in 2005,
close to nobody drank the 125-year-old New England lager. Gone were the
glory days of the 1960s, when the beer was the official sponsor of the Red
Sox, produced up to two million barrels a year, and ran its brewery at close
to capacity to meet demand. The brand brewed fewer than 600 barrels in
2004 and the next year, Hellendrung, a former president of Nantucket
Nectars, bought it from Pabst Brewing Co. for an undisclosed amount.

Now the native Rhode Islander can be proud of his regional beer again.
Narragansett produced 78,034 barrels in 2014, according to the company,
and pulled in $12 million in revenue, up from just $100,000 in 2005.
In 2013, it cracked the Brewers Association's top 50 breweries in the
U.S., based on beer sales by volume, for the first time ever. It jumped
another 12 spots last year, to No. 37.  it is becoming a popular alternative
to Pabst Blue Ribbon among price- sensitive beer drinkers .

Narragansett is rated "fair" on several beer websites, while PBR often gets a
"poor" rating..Narragansett is trendy in the North East but far from taking
PBR’s crown as king of cheap hipster beers across the U.S. Although
growth is slowing for PBR, it still sold 374 million liters nationwide in 2014.
Narragansett sold just 9 million liters and hasn't made much of a dent
outside its surrounding regions. More than 80 percent of Narragansett’s
sales come from the D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Providence,
nd Boston metropolitan areas. a third-party wholesaler, or from the
brewer and/or manufacturer.

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